207: Ways to Release Trauma Stored in the Body with Becky Aste

“Our body keeps the score of the trauma we’ve survived.” When I read this line from today’s guest, I knew we had to talk more about it. Shame, guilt, grief, anger, sadness… when not fully expressed and released, these emotions and experiences can nestle their way into our bodies and cause a whirlwind of feelings like pain, anxiety, depression, and so much more.

Today, we’re talking to Becky Aste about ways to release trauma stored in your body so you can not only heal physically but heal mentally as well.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Becky saved her dying marriage with somatic work
  • Understanding what somatic healing and work are
  • How to pinpoint if you have stored trauma in your body
  • The importance of getting curious about your body’s signals
  • Simple ways to release trauma stored in the body
  • Let it be simple, even if it’s out of your nervous system’s comfort zone
  • The pandemic of shame and how to complete grief
  • A tool for intentional compartmentalizing


Becky is a married mother of two, a trauma-informed marriage coach, and the host of “Your Breakthrough Blueprint,” a top 5% globally ranked podcast. She is also the CEO and creator of “I Do Breakthrough,” a company dedicated to equipping highly ambitious wives to repair thriving connections in their marriage by moving trauma out of the body.



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If you want to learn more about your body and its messages, check out Becky’s The Meaning Behind Your Physical Symptoms: Chakra Crash Course.

If you’re looking to complete your grief, check out The Grief Recovery Handbook by John W. James and Russell Friedman.

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“When trauma hits movement stops, we typically we either freeze or go into some kind of mode where something locks.”

“Consider what if these symptoms are not your enemy? They’re not these pesky house rats that we just need to get rid of. Like, a headache. Let me pop a pill and make it go away. Sure, I’m all for that if an aspirin helps you. But what if we paused first and asked ourselves, ‘What could this physical symptom potentially be communicating to me or trying to tell me about?’”

“At the basic level, it’s that it’s just reconnecting the mind and the body together because we get so lost in our heads and disconnected from our body’s cues.”

“I’m big for sacred rage sessions, which can just be as simple as screaming into your pillow, punching a bed. A lot of my clients find the car is their favorite place just to let it out. Just the other day a client was like ‘Really? It was that simple? All this time, just screaming my car, I did not know it can be that therapeutic. I feel amazing’.”



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