✓ Gain the tools to instantly shift your mindset
✓ Deeply reconnect with your true self
✓ Take empowered control of your life and business

FREE 5-day Private Podcast Experience with LauraAura | Speaker, Coach + Author

What’s Inside?

During this 5 day private podcast experience, I will cut through the noise and be your guide to breaking free from what is holding you back – your thoughts.

Knowledge is power. You’ll learn a clear and simple method that will allow you to reframe your thoughts, nurture your inner child, and take your Powerback® in your life and in your business.

Expect a blend of hard truths and actionable strategies designed to expand your thinking and understand a new tool, a new opportunity, a new way to move forward.

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Daily Private Podcast Episode

Each morning, you’ll receive an exclusive 20-min episode & email from me to learn how to shift your mindset in the moment, diving into each pillar of the method.

Fillable Workbook

An opportunity to go deeper and reflect on the topics we uncover together each day. Jot down, scribble, and sketch your way through your thoughts. It’s like your personal mind map to freedom.


Hear from those who have made the shift

“I finally, after more than 5 years of finishing them, sent my manuscripts for a children’s book series to a couple of publishers.”


“Get out of my head! You make too much sense!! You helped me see that the thing I’m looking for is behind the thing I’m avoiding. Fine, ok!”


“You’ve saved my mental health many a time and push forward when I didn’t think I could but it was the right thing to do and I did. I’ve never met you, but you feel like a friend!”


“I’m completing tasks and relinquishing unneeded things because of you. You are making an impact!”


Become your best supporter

Why did I create this series?

I am deeply passionate about helping women get out of their own way, own what they want, and move forward.

I will get into your brain, help you open your perspective, and challenge your limitations.

I will ask you to start to think and see things differently and focus on the truth.

I will give you the hard love, and back it up with an unwavering amount of support.

I’ve lived the shift from running a business for 16 years to choosing a life that’s truly mine. This podcast series is born from that leap—aimed at those ready to break free from what’s holding them back.

Expect real talk about what it takes to change—starting with how we listen to ourselves, how we deal with our past, and how we plan our future actions. This isn’t about temporary fixes; it’s about making lasting changes that align with who you truly are and what you really want.
I’m here to help you get out of your own way so you can move forward.

See you inside,


“I just found you a few days ago and I’m already applying the lessons you’ve taught me and am sharing your words of wisdom with my friends. Raw, honest, transparent, true. Thank you!”


“You shake us up, knock us upside the head (but gently), clear those shadows and help us get past those things that we didn’t even know were holding us back!”


Break free from what’s holding you back

Expect These Shifts…

✔ How to shift negative or limiting beliefs in the moment.
✔ Reconnect with yourself so you can move forward with your WANTS instead of what you’ve been taught you SHOULD do.
✔ More in control and aligned with your thoughts, decisions, and actions.
✔ Simplify your life and business
✔ Reduced stress, overthinking, and overwhelm
✔ More clarity and focus