The Gutsy Collective | A Community for Female Entrepreneurs

Boost your self-belief and start living your vision

alongside women that cheer you on.

The Gutsy Collective | A supportive community of women making gutsy moves in their life, business, and inner self

You have big ideas but your brain is telling you that you can’t.

Do you ever find yourself thinking…

✔ If I could just get out out of my own way, I know this could work
✔ I get glimpses of confidence but then I doubt myself
✔ I often feel stuck or overwhelmed and shut down
✔ I know there’s something bigger calling me but I can’t seem to break the cycle
✔ It’s discouraging to do this alone – I could really use some support and guidance

The number one thing that stops women from having the life and career they truly desire is themselves.

You’re so fucking capable, but your negative self talk, lack of clarity and confidence, the need to have it all figured out, and putting your needs last is watering down your potential. And chances are, you’re going at it alone with little to no support, encouragement, or guidance. The great news is – all of this is shiftable and you can break the cycle.

women working together in podcast room

When you commit to supporting your potential, it is more than possible to…

✔ Believe in yourself and trust in your abilities
✔ Have freedom and flexibility
✔ Run the successful business you keep daydreaming about it
✔ Have the confidence to make gutsy moves to improve your life
✔ Make a bigger impact by being yourself
✔ Simplify your efforts and gain clarity so you know where to focus
✔ Prioritize yourself AND support others
✔ Finally feel that sense of fulfillment in all areas of your life and business/career

You can make positive shifts with the support + encouragement from women just like you.

The Gutsy Collective is a community of driven, supportive women who are taking small steps towards a big future. If you’ve been trying to break the cycle and figure out what to do next so you can stop thinking about the possibility and start living it, this is the group for you. Members are hungry to learn, dedicated to making the world a better place, have a passion for helping others, and truly know they were put on this earth to do bigger things.

Build Your Community

You don’t have to build your empire alone. Joining our community of like-minded driven women will allow you to share experiences, resources, and questions during live group calls and inside of our private members-only Facebook group.

Clarity + Confidence

Gain the clarity and confidence you need to start making the shifts you desire in your life + career. It’s time to get out of your own way and begin to trust and believe that what you see and feel is possible.

Lean into Your Growth

You’re ready for a change and it’s time to lean into it. Together, we’ll address your limiting beliefs and Undo the “Shoulds” so that you can make aligned decisions that support your growth both personally and professionally.

Expand Your Energy + Get Into Alignment

Hold space for feelings, intuitive drop-ins, and “crazy ideas” here. Let’s expand your capacity for expansion by going inward to truly hear what your body is saying and discover what alignment looks and feels like to YOU.

The Gutsy Collective Standard Membership

$49/mo or $499/yr

All-Access Membership

On-demand classes to help you learn + grow at your own pace

• 1x/mo on-demand class that covers a specific topic and HOW to take action
• Weekly connection prompts to help you implement and stay focused
• Exclusive first access to enter The Gutsy Collective Inner Circle Group Program (opens 2x/yr)
• Exclusive access to early-bird pricing and registration to upcoming live events

Valued at: $190/mo or $2,280/yr
The Gutsy Collective Standard Membership

$199/mo or $1,999/yr

Inner Circle Standard Membership

Includes everything from the All Access Membership PLUS…

• 6-month group coaching program
• Two live group coaching hot seat calls to gain help you gain clarity and expedite your growth
• Private community for deeper connection & accountability
• Weekly accountability checks to help you stay on track
• Access to the Powerback® Course

Valued at: $590/mo or $7,100/yr
The Gutsy Collective Premium Membership

$499/mo or $4,999/yr

Inner Circle Premium Membership

Includes everything from the Standard Membership PLUS

• One private coaching session per month with LA
• Ongoing voice message access to LA between calls

Valued at: $1,250/mo or $15,000/yr

I love the space you hold for business intersecting with spirituality + personal development — we live in this “hustle” culture and need more voices like yours encouraging achievement AND self-care!

Christina, Confetti Creative


Through my work with Laura, I sped up my connection back to my own self belief and allows me to unapologetically tap into my own insights, drive and creativity.

Angie, High Performance Coach

Marti Statler

You move, she moves, but be ready for your life and business to be aligned so fully that in a year you won’t recognize yourself. And more often than not, THAT is a great thing.

Marti, Rebel Queen

Inner Circle membership includes…

lauraaura teaching virtual class Motivational Speaker

Coaching + Classes

• Monthly Live Mindset Classes (30 min teaching, 30 min hot seat coaching, recorded and available in your portal)
• Monthly Live No Bra Sunday Pep-Talk (1 hour intuitive coaching session for clarity, motivation, and troubleshooting)
• Free access to future Mind Fuckery Workshops
• Exclusive discounts and first access to future classes/workshops
• Monthly Live Group Coaching Sessions (Premium Members)
• Quarterly 2hr Planning Sessions (Premium Members)
• Private Group Voxer access to LauraAura (Premium Members)

Access to The Powerback® Course

This is a 6-week on-demand program ($1,500 value) designed to help you take your Powerback® in five key areas of your life + business: Mind, Time, Voice, Money, and Presence. The Powerback® Course is designed to help you reclaim the parts of yourself that you’ve given away, stand in your power with excitement, and expand your business without the overwhelm.

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Community + Support

• Private Facebook community for deeper connection
• Member connection and networking
• Thought-provoking prompts to help you gain clarity and momentum
• Weekly accountability checks


LauraAura is like a Business Therapist. She has years of credible business experience, yet is there for the feelings. The advice she gives is a beautiful marriage of sound business advice, while making sure I am mentally stable through the process.

Janelle, Pearl Jade Marketing


Working together has taught me so much, and given me so much confidence. I’m excited for this new version of me – I don’t even have the words to thank you!



LauraAura has been within my widest orbit for 12 years, and every time I encounter her business or her persona, there is growth in depth and authenticity. Honest. Emotional awareness. Concrete thoughtfulness. This is the sort of woman I want to collect to surround myself with.

Bekah, Artist


You’ve got a few more questions – we’ve got answers. Email any additional questions to

Who is this community for?

Our membership community is designed for driven, supportive women who have big ideas but struggle with self-doubt, lack of clarity, and the need to have everything figured out. If you’re tired of going at it alone and crave a group that provides support, encouragement, and guidance as you take small steps towards a bigger future, this community is for you.

What’s the difference between the standard membership and the premium?

The premium membership is going to give you everything inside of the standard membership PLUS a higher-level of support and more access to LauraAura. 

The additional premium-member-only perks include: Monthly group coaching sessions, 2-hour quarterly planning sessions, and Direct Voxer access to LauraAura…which is essentially priceless.

When does the membership end?

Whenever the member chooses to cancel following their required membership commitment period. Monthly plans require a 6-month minimum membership commitment and the annual plans require a 12-month minimum commitment. All memberships will then auto-renew thereafter until the member chooses to cancel by reaching out to Please see the membership terms and conditions for more information.

Will there be live events, webinars, or workshops exclusive to members?

Yes! LauraAura hosts members-only mindset classes and group coaching sessions on a monthly basis for all members along with exclusive access and discounts to public workshops and events. In addition to all of that, our premium members have access to additional coaching sessions and quarterly planning sessions.

What happens after I enroll in a membership?

Once you’ve signed up, we’ll send over a welcome email right away with all of the information you’ll need to get started including how to join our private Facebook community! You’ll also gain access to the 6-week on-demand Powerback® Course so you can begin diving in when you’re ready. 

Do I need to own a business to join?

No. We welcome anyone who is driven, hungry for evolution, values self-development, and wants to experience the power of alignment! While some of our conversations may involve running and growing a small business, ALL conversations revolve around your own personal growth. 

Can I work with LauraAura directly?

Absolutely! Included in our premium membership, you get direct access to LauraAura via Voxer for Q+A. However, if you’re looking for more, check out LauraAura’s 1:1 coaching options here.

Can I still join if I’m not located in the US?

Of course! We often work with many amazing women residing in other countries (Australia, New Zealand, UK, and Canada to name a few)  and absolutely welcome those near and far to join our community.

What if someone acts like a turd?

This is an inclusive, supportive community and negativity, bashing, or generally being an asshat won’t be tolerated. They’ll be removed (and not refunded) so we can continue about our day.

Not ready to join but want to experience group support?