The Gutsy Collective | A Community for Female Entrepreneurs

You don’t have to build your empire alone.

The Gutsy Collective | A Community for Female Entrepreneurs + Women who feel called for more in life


✔ Could be around and have real conversations with people that “get you”?
✔ Could learn how to trust yourself and your ideas?
✔ Had people you could bounce ideas off?
✔ Could learn how to expand your business with simplified tools and methods?
✔ Had a space that was inspiring, boosted your confidence, and helped you manage your time?

Join a community of energetically driven female entrepreneurs + visionaries who are building an aligned, simplified, and purpose-filled life.

This Community is for you if you…

  • Run a business or have an unfulfilled passion
  • Want to let go of the “shoulds” and finally embrace who you truly are
  • Thrive in a community of like-minded, supportive women
  • Want to increase your confidence and trust your intuitive feelings
  • Crave simplicity and ease in your life and business
  • Nerd out on self development and value the whole self – mind, body, and spirit
  • Value having a sounding board and a place to have honest and open conversations
  • Are looking for grounded, practical, intentional ways to take action
  • Welcome f-bombs, deep conversation, and a good belly laugh

Build Your Community

Join live monthly calls or local meetups for conscious discussions with like-minded business owners + visionaries to share experiences, resources, and questions. You don’t have to build your empire alone.

Expedite Your Business Growth

Discover grounded, practical ways to expand your business in a way that works for YOU; less “shoulds,” more aligned, fulfilled action. We talk about your time, mindset shifts, money, marketing, tools, sex, and energy!

Lean into Your Personal Growth

Get out of your head and back into yourself. Together we’ll Undo the “Shoulds” while learning how to trust yourself so you can make aligned decisions that support your growth. You’re ready for a change – it’s time to lean into it.

Expand Your Energy & Get Into Alignment

Hold space for feelings, intuitive drop-ins, and “crazy ideas” here. Let’s expand your capacity for expansion by going inward to truly hear what your body is saying. Oh, and we’re all about a full moon ritual!

the gutsy collective online bundle live classes

$29 per event

Online Events

Attend an online group coaching session! We meet once a month via Zoom for 60-min to have meaningful conversations and learn ways to take aligned action. Get on-the-spot coaching, connect with like-minded people, and relight your fire!

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$29 per event

Local Events

Attend a local event! We meet once a month for 2 hours at The Aura Building in Downtown Greencastle, PA with all the same benefits as the online community, but in person. If you’re craving connection, mentorship, and a hug, register below!


I love the space you hold for business intersecting with spirituality + personal development — we live in this “hustle” culture and need more voices like yours encouraging achievement AND self-care!

Christina, Confetti Creative


Through my work with Laura, I sped up my connection back to my own self belief and allows me to unapologetically tap into my own insights, drive and creativity.

Angie, High Performance Coach

Marti Statler

You move, she moves, but be ready for your life and business to be aligned so fully that in a year you won’t recognize yourself. And more often than not, THAT is a great thing.

Marti, Rebel Queen

Gutsy Collective logo

Attend a Local Meetup

We are wired for human connection. Sometimes all you need to reignite your drive is to get out of your house and connect with like-minded people in the same room for meaningful and informative conversations. You’ll get answers to the questions that have been stumping you and clarity on what your next step is as you align and expand your business or life passion.

Register for the next in-person Gutsy Collective Meetups held in Downtown Greencastle, PA.

You’ll get the most out The Gutsy Collective if…

✔ You are open to new ideas and want to implement change

✔ You’re craving a casual place to ask questions, get support, and learn how to simplify your business

✔ You are willing to do the work – hearing ideas and being inspired is one thing, implementing and releasing are where your shifts happen

✔ Participate – there is power in conversation. Show up, ask questions, share your ideas, and write things down.

✔ Come as you are – no makeup, perfectly curated background, or pants with buttons required.

Join the Online Community

We weren’t designed to create alone. It’s easy to get caught in the web of the mind – a place where overthinking and worry like to take the reign. This is time invested in YOU; a chance to get out of the weeds to refill your energetic and emotional tank, get answers, and reignite your passion so you can go on to create the life and business you truly desire.

Register for an online session for group and individual coaching + join the free Facebook Group!

the gutsy collective online bundle live classes

LauraAura is like a Business Therapist. She has years of credible business experience, yet is there for the feelings. The advice she gives is a beautiful marriage of sound business advice, while making sure I am mentally stable through the process.

Janelle, Pearl Jade Marketing


Working together has taught me so much, and given me so much confidence. I’m excited for this new version of me – I don’t even have the words to thank you!



LauraAura has been within my widest orbit for 12 years, and every time I encounter her business or her persona, there is growth in depth and authenticity. Honest. Emotional awareness. Concrete thoughtfulness. This is the sort of woman I want to collect to surround myself with.

Bekah, Artist


You’ve got a few more questions – we’ve got answers. Email any additional questions to

When are the Meetups?
The Gutsy Collective ONLINE Zoom Calls are held the 2nd Wednesday each month from 12:30pm-1:30pm EST
The Gutsy Collective LOCAL Meetups are held at The Aura Building the Third Thursday of each month from 6pm-8pm EST
Who is this community for?

Female and non-binary entrepreneurs who own and operate a small business and are searching for guidance, community, and ways to expand AND people who have unfulfilled passions that are hungry for change in their lives and want to feel more confident in their decisions.

Do I need to own a business to join?

While many of our conversations may involve running and growing a small business, ALL conversations revolve around your own personal growth. We welcome anyone who is driven, hungry for evolution, values self-development, and wants to experience the power of alignment!

What kind of results can I expect?
I can provide the tools – but the real shifts happen in the time and work you’re willing to put in. Some things that are very realistic to achieve through this group include: clarity, simplification of life and business, increased mental and physical wellness, increased finances, confidence & self-trust, and ease and alignment.
You may also experience laughter, fun, intense conversations that lead to breakthroughs, Laura’s snorting laugh, and chats about the moon.
Can I work with LauraAura directly?

Absolutely! Laura offers 1-1 Coaching sessions and 90-min Alignment Sessions. Learn more about coaching options here or book a discovery call.

What if someone acts like a turd?

This is an inclusive, supportive community and negativity, bashing, or generally being an asshat won’t be tolerated. They’ll be removed (and not refunded) so we can continue about our day.

Is there a monthly fee?

Nope! The Facebook Group is a free online community. Each Online and Local Group Coaching sessions are priced per session. Come to as many as you’d like and pay as you go!

Embrace your big visions alongside people who “get it.”