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Getting Started



Welcome to Brandstarter™; a place for you to transform your thoughts and ideas into visible goals, actions and timelines. This platform is a sacred space meant only for you. Every answer is right. Every dream is attainable. Most importantly, this is a place for you to put excuses aside so you can focus on living the life you dream of.

This is an interactive course that can be completed at your own pace. Complete it in a day, complete it in a week – my only ask is that you complete it. Not for me, but for YOU. This course is designed to help you make sense of the ideas in your mind, develop a cohesive brand experience, and create a clear plan of action so you can stop wondering and start doing.

Here’s how you can access each chapter and lesson:

1. Lessons – each chapter contains lessons. This is where you’ll find everything you need for that particular lesson. When you’re finished, click “mark completed” at the top of your screen and it will automatically take you to the next one.

2. Materials – each lesson contains a PDF download. I recommend printing each one out and physically writing on them, but you can also download the form (don’t fill it out on the internet because it won’t save your work) and electronically fill out the sections. Your workbook, your choice!

3. Audio – Each chapter is accompanied with an audio recording to walk you through the course – pause it, repeat it, blare it from your speakers – and if you’re not into audio, you can skip right over it. Some like to listen to it as they’re going through their PDF workbook and pause it while they write. (You might even get a little extra LauraAura flair thrown in from time to time).


(Download the PDF in the MATERIALS tab to continue reading)

Learn how to quiet your mind and get out of your own way!
👉🏻 Attend the 5-day workshop. November 6-10th 7pm-8pm EST