212: Outward Productivity to Inward Fulfillment with Cathryn Lavery

Sometimes you get to the top and realize you’ve built your own prison. The hard work, late nights, and big numbers can lead to fractured relationships and personal emptiness if it’s built off of outward productivity.

Today we’re talking with Cathryn Lavery about shifting from hustling your way to the top to integrating inward fulfillment into your decision-making – something that leads to feeling good about yourself, what you’ve created, and celebrating with the people you love the most.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Lessons from Tony Robbins
  • From the fine recipe to  successful entrepreneur
  • The prison Cathryn built for herself while building her business
  • How business affects personal relationships and vice versa
  • Presence over balance in your life
  • Buying the business back
  • How Cathryn measures enoughness
  • Detaching working and being productive from success and happiness
  • Allowing yourself to have whitespace
  • What personal fulfillment looks like to Cathryn


Cathryn is a serial entrepreneur, 2019 Inc 500 member, and the founder of BestSelf, a product brand that develops tools to help people become the best version of themselves, whether that be hitting their goals or cultivating healthy relationships. Endorsed by Shark Tank star Daymond John, BestSelf won Shopify’s Build a Bigger Business competition, received one-on-one mentorship from Tony Robbins, and sold over $45 million in product over 6.5 years before being acquired in 2022. Cathryn just repurchased the company earlier this year and is looking forward to having a do-over and applying the lessons she’s learned along the way.



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“I followed what I would call the fine recipe, which is like you going to university, you do everything you’re told. And then you have a fine life, which is like, how are you? Fine, not great. Not terrible.”

“I actually love the brand and the products that we created. I just didn’t like the prison that I built for myself when I was building it.”

“So, we’re just kind of guessing and a lot of people, whether they’re trying to or not, probably, are leaving a bunch of bodies in their path of things that they just never figured out. And then you keep bringing the same things to a new relationship. Like, you’re the common denominator, so if you figure yourself out, then you’re probably going to show up better.”

“For me, it’s not about having enough, it’s more about figuring out the goal that you’re chasing is something that you actually want.”

“[Social media], it’s kind of like junk food. It’s nice as a treat. But if you have it all the time you feel like trash.”



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