208: Discover Your WOW Factors In Business with Amber Renae

Two failing businesses, bankruptcy, mental health issues, and cancer… these are all things that today’s guest has overcome and grown beyond to create a $10 Million business teaching 40k+ students worldwide.

What helped her do this?

Discovering her WOW factors—embracing who she really is and using skills from each phase of her life to create a dream business.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Amber’s entrepreneurial journey of resilience and passion
  • What it takes to create a business that lights you up
  • Where you are is a stepping stone to where you’re meant to be
  • How to know it’s time to let go of your business
  • What WOW factors are all about
  • A quick and easy way to learn your skin tone
  • How to figure out your WOW and develop your confidence
  • Sharing your story in the way that resonates the most with you


Civil Engineer, serial entrepreneur, and TV star Amber Renae inspires women to discover their ‘Wow’ factors by building their dream digital business, personal branding, and self-love. Australia’s leading voice in online business, Amber educates thousands of students in all corners of the globe on a range of topics, including entrepreneurship, digital marketing, influencer marketing, and the power of personal branding. She’s the star of the hit US reality show Dream Life, which documents the creation of her latest e-learning project and is the author of Dream Life The Book.



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“I think that entrepreneurship is the biggest personal development journey that you could go on. So, if you’re interested in personal development, if that’s a passion of yours, then just go start a business and you’ll be faced with every single fear that you’ve ever had in your entire life. And you’ll be forced to face all of those fears.”

“When I’m hearing people going, ‘Oh, I think I want to do the thing, but I’m scared or I’m fearful.’ Well, whatever path you go down, it may just be your stepping stone on to the next part, that really is the thing that you’re meant to be doing.”

“As humans, we are hardwired, to make judgments on people based on what we’re seeing immediately, before we even learn what they’re saying before we know what their message is.”

“I think story is going to be the way of the future. I really think that this is what people are going to be looking for we’re all so starved of connection that we’re really wanting to really connect with the person. And there’s so many different ways to share your story. So just go and find the way that’s most resonant to you.”



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