206: How to Grow Your Income with a Small Following with Marion Wagner

You’ve been trying to grow your business but often feel defeated because you have a smaller following, feel overwhelmed by the thought of ads, and are tired of convincing people to work with you. Good news – you don’t need any of those things to grow. So how do you do it, you ask? In today’s episode, Income Growth Strategist Marion Wagner shares how to grow your income with a small following.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Marion’s first big lesson from building her online businesses
  • Knowing when it’s time to push through and when to hang up the hat
  • Social media is a side dish, you need to have an entree
  • 3 ways to build your audience and grow traffic
  • The ingredients to grow your income with a small following
  • It always comes down to data over drama
  • Focusing on the impactful activities versus the fluffy ones
  • How Marion and I create consistent and predictable lead gen


Marion is an Income Growth Strategist based in Denver, CO, dedicated to assisting online coaches and service providers in achieving financial freedom. With over 13 years of experience in launching and scaling multiple six-figure online ventures, Marion combines her background in psychology with her entrepreneurial expertise to expedite her clients’ journey to consistent 8-10k months.



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“The whole basis of my business is you do not need to grow this huge audience in order to grow a pretty sizable income online. You just have to have a few ingredients in place in order to make the recipe and then you adapt and keep going.”

“I kind of always say social media is like the side dish, and you need to have an entree.”

“If you have an opening for one more one-on-one, share that and share it with excitement and be proud and I guess share your enthusiasm. Because people care more about how you say it than what you actually say. And when they’re ready, it’s the opportunity meeting their readiness.”

“Give yourself permission to say no to things that don’t feel exciting or that you have resistance there.”



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