204: Experience your Breakthrough Year with Elizabeth Hartke

Have you been doing and trying every single thing humanly possible to grow your business but feel frustrated because it’s just not getting to the place that you know it could be?

What if it’s not actually the strategy or the techniques that you’re using but rather the clarity, confidence, and intentionality that may be currently missing?

Today, we’re talking with Liz Hartke about intentional steps that not only move the needle but help you experience a breakthrough year, the kind of moves that help you blow the top off.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Normalizing running your business and family in tandem
  • The differentiator that allows entrepreneurs to take their mission to the next level
  • The challenges Liz faced growing her business
  • Maintaining your energy and perspective
  • Changes that’ll take you into stratospheric growth
  • The Focused Entrepreneur process to gain clarity and confidence
  • Tweaking your way to success
  • What it takes to blow the top off


Liz Hartke is an international Business Leadership Advisor and Founder of the Luminary Leadership Company. Liz and her team work with visionary entrepreneurs to unlock their leadership potential for a life of freedom, prosperity, and legacy. Through her competitive masterminds, mentorship, and online programs, Liz has broken the mold on what it looks like to be truly successful in business, while honoring the areas of life that matter most. Her expertise has been featured in media outlets including Forbes, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, she’s personally mentored top industry leaders, and has spoken on stages throughout the world.



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Check out the book The Gap and The Gain: The High Achievers’ Guide to Happiness, Confidence, and Success by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy.



“When you don’t have clarity, you can’t have confidence. But the second you get that clarity, you immediately boost that confidence.”

“Entrepreneurship is a really rugged path. It is not for the faint of heart, and it will beat you up. (…)  that’s how you get molded into the leader you need to be. If it wasn’t tough, there’d be no chisel against your back shaping you into the leader you need to become in order to carry out this big mission that’s been placed on your heart.”

“The real solution actually isn’t going to be first in those (business) tactics. If they want that mega breakthrough that we’re talking about, the solution is actually intentionality. It’s about getting lasered in.”

“The secret to living that intentional life, or the freedom that they want is going to come from leading your business and yourself intentionally every minute of the day.”



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