203: Freedom from Perfectionism with Chana Ross

Did you know that 92% of people are affected by perfectionism in the workplace? You heard me right, 92%! Perfectionism affects your mental health, relationships, ability to advance, and you guessed, burnout. So how do you shift away from perfectionism while also maintaining your high integrity for doing things well?

That’s what we’re talking about today with Holistic Leadership Coach Chana Ross.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Having open, honest, and empowering conversations about things we don’t talk about
  • Looking at ourselves from a holistic perspective
  • How perfectionism affects our body
  • A simple way to change your health
  • Cultivating new thoughts and beliefs
  • Functional versus dysfunctional perfectionism
  • Define what excellence looks like for you and get clear on what your values are
  • Perfectionism, mental health, and getting support regardless


Chana is a highly passionate Women’s Health Advocate and Host of the “She Has the Audacity” Podcast. Renowned for her expertise in pelvic health, prenatal preparation, and the realities of parenthood, Chana is a sought-after educator and speaker who inspires her clients to take charge of their health and lifestyle. She is a true champion for high-achieving women, helping them overcome perfectionist tendencies and align with their “why” to achieve their dreams.



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Chana mentioned a book in the episode, you’ll find it here: The Perfectionist’s Guide to Losing Control by Katherine Morgan Schafler.

Ready to see if the way you spend your time matches your values? Download Chana’s Time Audit: How To Create More Time For Yourself.



“I am going to talk about vaginas. I’m going to talk about leaking, I want to talk about sexual pain, because nobody else is talking about this. And we are all deeply ingrained to be ashamed of this. And we are hiding the fact that we feel broken inside. And we’re walking around with this underlying story of there’s something deeply wrong with me.”

“We are not fixers. I’m not here to fix anybody. Nobody is broken. But we are people and we deserve support.”

“They don’t want to be high achievers. High achievers come at the expense of me, I am going to do at the expense of me. High performers care for ourselves every step of the way. And we get better outcomes in that way.”

“Do you have a value of excellence or are you valuing perfection?”

“If somebody is questioning, if they deserve support? The answer is always yes.”



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