193: Simplifying the Quantum with Lindsay Schroeder

You’ve likely heard about the quantum field or quantum leaping and while it feels interesting, it also feels like complicated science stuff that you have to have a PhD to understand. The great news is that it’s actually substantially easier and more accessible than it seems.

Today, Lindsay Schroeder is simplifying the shit out of the quantum by explaining what it truly is, how transformative this can be for your life, and how easy it is to access at any given moment.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to shift your vibration and get back into alignment instantaneously
  • Simplifying the Quantum: we are more than just our bodies and minds
  • Develop your self-awareness and strengthen your intuition
  • A fast and easy practice to connect to the Quantum
  • Creative inspiration: getting the answers through the Quantum
  • The everyday magic of decisions and Quantum leaping
  • Changing your inside self changes your outside self


Lindsay is a Spiritual Wellness and Intuitive Business Coach. She is also a Medicine Woman and Priestess. She supports soulpreneurs and spiritually curious beings in developing their intuition, reprograming their paradigm, accessing their alignment, and up-leveling their lives & businesses.



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To make it easier for you to connect with Lindsay’s awesome offers, here’s her link in bio from Instagram.

Here’s the video of Kristen Bell’s Sloth Meltdown that completely shifts Lindsay’s vibration in less than 5 minutes.



“That is why I do this inner work so that things that could have been the most difficult, the hardest, the heaviest, or just annoying are no longer the problems that I used to see them as. Because when we start to work in quantum understanding, there is every different type of reality available for us, and it is me who shifts, not the situation that shifts.”

“Magic is for you. Magic is for me. Magic is for everyone. We are already magic. You have magic inside yourself and you’ve created magic before. It’s just maybe you’ve never thought about it that way. And once we change that perception a little bit, magic in general becomes available to you.”

“Our external reality is just a reflection, just a projection, just a mirror of our internal reality. And so changing inside self changes outside self.”



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