98: Thriving in a Practical and Energetic Business with Lindsay Schroeder

When you’re an entrepreneur, your life impacts your business and your business impacts your life. This can open up insane opportunities but could also be the very reason you’re struggling to grow or expand.

You know that I’m all about energy and the legitimate power it has.

Today we’re talking about running a practical and energetic business and to walk us through getting in touch with your intuitive muscle, I have the most gorgeous Lindsay Schroeder.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Lindsay talks about energy-work and her intuitive abilities
  • How your inner reality reflects your outer reality and how shifting business starts with shifting within
  • What are limiting beliefs and how do we build more awareness around them?
  • Why we get to have it all and why we get to have it all 👏 right 👏 ​​now 👏
  • What does inner and spiritual healing work look like?
  • What is vibration and how do we elevate our vibration?
  • The four main parts of manifestation
  • Combining the ‘practical’ and ‘energetic’ sides of your business and how to marry the two
  • How to get started with this ‘work’ as well as get in touch with your intuitive muscle
  • What is quantum shifting and how can we practice it?

Lindsay is a Spiritual Wellness, Intuitive Business, and Mindset Coach with the company she founded, Our & Are. 

She supports solopreneurs develop their intuition, align their mindset, & up-level their lives and businesses. 

In healing her own life she found that she longed to share the practices that helped her release her childhood trauma, work through past relationship issues, develop deep self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-love. 

She is passionate about helping women become conscious creators of the life they truly desire.



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“Your business gets to operate in the way that you operate best. Like, it doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s, it doesn’t have to be structured like anyone else’s. Like, you get to take how you naturally operate at your highest level and build your business from that, instead of trying to fit yourself into another model.”

“Your internal reality is just reflected into your business, and especially when it is your own business. Doing that inner work will create the shifts that allow the outer reality that you’re desiring to find you, to be magnetized to you – to materialize.”

“You need to be able to identify the limiting beliefs that you have, process them, shift them, and then my favorite that I think a lot of people leave off is reprogram them because the subconscious is running the show so often.”

“It took so much time and energy and effort to allow myself to be my fullest expression. And that was holding me back in business.”

“You are vectoring your energy in an aligned direction. You’re not like leaking energy into different spaces because you have to or you should.”

“You’re going to feel resistance either way. Why not go in the direction that you feel most truthfully called towards, because then when it does open up, it’s going to be the way that you want to do it.”

“The suffering is not necessary. But we get to keep the lesson and let go of the suffering.”

“Our desires desire us too. And we are often blocking ourselves from it.”

“If you’re vibrating at the frequency of fulfilled, of happy, of blissful, of euphoric, of accomplished, of successful, then you magnetize more of those things in because like attracts like.”

“Words are spells – cast your spells intentionally.”

“In what way are we offering to our lives? instead of just receiving from it – taking from it.”



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