183: Trusting Your Spiritual Abilities with Sarah Martucci

Are you leaning into the feeling that you may have spiritual abilities and wondering how to differentiate between your mind and your intuition? Learning how to trust yourself starts with getting quiet and going within. 

Today, we’re talking with Psychic Medium Sarah Martucci to learn how to trust your spiritual abilities and use them as a power source to make decisions to grow your life and business.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to build and grow your confidence 
  • Quit letting your fear guide you, take a chance on yourself
  • Navigating the start of your journey with your spiritual abilities
  • How to start trusting your spiritual gifts and abilities
  • Am I just making this up, or is this real?
  • The power of integrating your intuition and abilities in business
  • What it looks like to choose yourself in your business


Sarah is a psychic medium, certified crystal healer, and paranormal investigator that offers mediumship and psychic readings, as well as house cleansing, paranormal investigations, and crystal prescriptions to get you back on track. She’s also known for her love of Sasquatch, string cheese, and is known as the cussmouth angel and duchess of doughnuts.



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“It’s incredible the opportunities that have been coming my way. All because I said yes to myself.”

“So, it really all kind of comes down to: Am I ready to trust myself? Am I ready to not care what other people think about my path and my journey? And am I ready to retrain myself to start trusting in me and what I’m feeling and what’s coming up here?”

“Just remember, you don’t have to do this by yourself, baby. And if you think you have to, remember that’s a trauma response. We as humans are meant to be a part of community. So, remember, you’re not meant to do this all by your itty bitty. Let somebody in here to help you.”

“Stay in your own fucking lane and create what you believe to be your version of professional, your people WILL find you.”

“Pay attention to your body. She’s speaking to you. What is she saying? And what does it make you feel? Because if you don’t tune in and listen to that, you are literally cutting yourself off at the knees.”



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