66: Learning Your 3 Spaces of Intuition with Sarah Martucci

I knew there was a GUT feeling, but there are TWO other areas? Absa-freakin-lutely there is.

Sarah is a psychic medium, certified crystal healer, paranormal investigator and tarot card reader who loves to help us work more closely with Spirit. Her purpose is to help, heal, or guide by finding the root issue of what’s going on so healing can take place. She offers psychic or mediumship readings, house cleansing, paranormal investigations, as well as personalized tools and jewelry to guide you on your path.

Sarah talks about her experience about coming out of the “spiritual closet” – what it’s like to own something that looks and feels WEIRD to the world. When Sarah’s neck gave out on her, she was forced to face herself and her abilities.

Your intuition is like your own personal GPS system – you can use it to get to your destination or you can ignore it and get lost. Sarah breaks down the three areas that your intuition will speak and guide you in, what manifests physically if you don’t listen to it, what each feeling means, and how you can use each space to guide you through life and business.

If you’re curious about what a Psychic or Medium is all about or want to learn how to tap into your three areas of intuition – you’re in for a treat with Sarah. This episode will teach you how to TRUST yourself.

BONUS: Sarah does a LIVE tarot card reading with me – you get to experience her MAGIC!

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