128: Somatic Dancing and Healing with Shannon McAlister

128: Somatic Dancing and Healing with Shannon McAlister

Have you ever had a spontaneous dance party in your living room or got down with your bad self when your favorite song came on the radio? 

Have you noticed how different you feel afterwards? Your body is like a highway for energy, and that energy wants to move!

Today, we’re talking with Shannon McAlister about the power of Somatic Dancing and Healing. She learned to calm her nervous system and stop old patterns in their tracks through somatic healing techniques.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Somatic Dancing & Healing: moving energy as you move your body
  • What somatic means and the difference between somatic dancing and somatic healing
  • Knowing when it’s time to get up and move your body


Shannon is a Soul Expansion + Somatic Coach helping women tap into their soul expression through somatic practices & self-discovery. She is on a mission to help women answer their soul’s calling and truly express themselves. Through Somatic Dancing, women begin to quiet their inner critic and step into their soul gifts while learning to connect back to their body – all while learning to tune out the static noise of the world so they can hear and feel their own voice and energy again.




Shannon mentions two books in this episode. They are: The Body Keeps the Score and The Emotion Code.

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“Somatic Dancing is not about what it looks like on the outside, it’s what it feels like on the inside.”

“If you want to feel powerful, if you want to feel expansive, if you want to feel abundance, get up and dance, get up and move.”

“Somatic just means anything related to your internal experience within the body […] it’s really tuning in to those sensations that you feel within your body.”

“I learned. I really learned that it is safe to be by myself. And it is safe to want time and space for myself and my creativity.”

“To hold space for people is to truly listen and not always offer your advice.”



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