Ep. 1: Welcome to The Gutsy Podcast

OMG, it’s here! Today’s the official launch of The Gutsy Podcast and I am full of all kinds of emotions. Excited. Nervous. Happy. Semi-puke-ish. And the best part is, I feel these all at the same time which really sends my stomach and mind into a tailspin.

If you’ve been a supporter, friend, family member, or client that’s been with us on our journey, thank you for being here for the next chapter. If you’re new to our little corner of the world, welcome! My name is Laura – President of Worx Graphic Design, your Host of The Gutsy Podcast, author, speaker, and inspiration junkie. I love ampersands, latte’s, Christmas trees, and basically anything that is chartreuse or teal.

Lemme take you on a quick time travel. Prior to starting my graphic design company, I worked for the Yellow Pages designing yellow page ads. Which as you can imagine, is just as exciting as it sounds. When my husband and I decided to start a family, I gained this super human power to quit my job and start a company. I’ll also mention that I had no business experience, had never networked and didn’t know the first thing about growing clients let alone making money. However, I had an innate sense that not only did I want to do this, I HAD to do this. In upcoming episodes we’ll go over how I grew my company and the shit show that came along with it.


Until then…

A few years ago, I had an idea to start a podcast because I had an itch to speak but wasn’t sure how to get that moving. The timing wasn’t right for a ton of reasons, so it took a side burner while I cooked up a few other opportunities like moving my office out of my house for the first time, changing my company structure, and getting out of my own way.

The Gutsy Podcast is all about helping you get out of your head so you can get back to the shit you set out to do in the first place. Let’s face it, owning a business is hard. Like – trying not to shit yourself after eating Mexican food and getting on a rollercoaster – hard. It’s also the most liberating and rewarding decision I’ve ever made.

If you’re thinking about starting a business or already run one, you’re in the right place. If you are questioning yourself wondering if you’re doing the right thing, questioning your worth, and comparing yourself to other awesome people, you’re in the right place. If you’re excited as hell about what you’re doing and want to celebrate with like-minded people, you’re in the right place. And if you need a little inspirational pick me up or a good laugh, you’ll enjoy being here, too.

Here’s what you can expect being part of our tribe:

  • Our core topics revolve around entrepreneurship, branding, and authenticity
  • Every Tuesday we’ll launch a new 20-30-minute episode
  • Every Thursday we’ll launch a 5-minute Powerback episode
  • We’ll share things that are vulnerable, make you think, and might make you want to shove the emotion briefcase to the back of the closet (but we’ll get them out)
  • I’m pretty ridiculous, so I cuss, laugh at myself, and share personal experiences
  • We’ll talk about the shit we tell ourselves and why we’re often the #1 person keeping us from achieving our goals and dreams
  • I’ll give you an actionable item to consider using – ways to implement what we’re talking about


Being an entrepreneur can feel lonely and overwhelming sometimes. This is a safe place for you to tune in and hear stories of business owners just like you that say “Yes! You can!” I want you to know that you’re not alone and can do what you set out for. I believe in entrepreneurship because you and I walk the same path, just on a different road. I know first-hand that the nights are long and the excitement is strong. I know what it’s like to be excited one second and question everything the next. I’m on this journey with you.

I hope that after listening to an episode that you get a little extra pep in your step and the fire that burns in your belly gets a little brighter and you feel inspired to do something. I want you to have a little extra energy to put momentum behind something that you’ve been thinking about for weeks, months, or years. I want you to get back into your aura-zone, doing what you absolutely love to do because that, my friend, is how you make a positive impact on the world. I want you to stop thinking about the damn thing and do it because quite honestly, you deserve to at least try.

You’ve got big things to do, beautiful human. I can’t wait to see what you do.


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