By Laura Wallace  |  January 25, 2018


I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that you probably have a list of thoughts, ideas or to-dos on your never-ending list and while you have great intentions on doing them, they keep folding over to the next piece of paper. Sound familiar? Yeah, me too.

At Worx, our 2018 theme is “What if?” A lot of the magic and excitement of an idea gets lost in figuring out how to do it. How long will it take? How will I afford it? When will I have time to do this? Who should I talk to about it? We beat ourselves up in the effort to make things perfect and in the long-run, typically end up doing nothing. We want to know the details and the outcome before we’ve even committed to putting energy behind an idea. Instead of using that energy to just do the damn thing, we use it to think it to death. What if we just did it? What if we just took one step towards it?

I recently experienced this, so this is coming from a very raw and fresh place. About seven years ago a business colleague of mine causally said I had an “aura” about me… a “Laura-Aura.” I’m a big fan of hanging on to things that resonate with me, so I can understand how they may or may not fit into my life. So, I’ve hung onto it. About two years ago I couldn’t stop thinking about this “Laura-Aura” and started to put some thought and energy behind it. Then I got wrapped up in the details and it became another folder on my desktop. Last year people started to refer to me as Laura-Aura and I couldn’t help but think, if this thing keeps popping up, there must be something to it. Last week I voiced out loud that I would begin the process of branding myself and opened an Instagram account. Done. (@thatlauraaura just in case you wanna play along)

I don’t have any posts up. I don’t have any content written. Hell, I haven’t even branded it yet. But, it’s done. Now I can invest my energy on my next baby step vs. pondering the walls of Instagram waiting to decide if I was going to do it or not. Who knows where it may or may not go, but it’s worth exploring to find out.

You have awesome ideas and it takes a handful of them to find the right one. How do you know which one is right? You don’t. But you’ll never find out if you don’t give yourself the space to pursue them. What has been playing in your head like a record? What have you gotten really excited about and put motion behind only to get to the door and became too afraid to open it? What have you been mulling over and over – details, expectations, timing, people’s perception… this is your wake-up call, friends. You’ll never know if you don’t just do SOMETHING. Take one step. Open an account. Pick the name. Choose the color. Buy the URL. Whatever first step you take is telling the universe that you’re ready. Who knows what beautiful success is on the other side. You are worth it to find out.

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