Being an entrepreneur is a unique and challenging gift. I’m not even sure it’s something people choose to do but rather are called to do. As I lay in bed at 11:27 pm writing this with the dim light of my iPhone, I’m reminded just how blessed I really am.

Nine years into running my business I thought I’d have it figured out. I thought my financial dreams would have been answered, by struggles would have been over, and things, in general, would be smooth sailing. Just like most of you, I too look at successful people and wonder how they do it. How do I get to that point in my life and business? How do they seem to have it all put together and know how to handle crazy situations with such ease? The truth is, they’re all figuring it out as they go too.

I had lunch with a friend the other day and, we were chatting about this very subject. She said, “You seem to have it all put together, how do you do it?” At that moment, I realized that we’re all looking at one another based on what stage were in. I’m looking at other successful people while others are looking at me as the successful one.

A comparison is the thief of joy. Every one of us is learning through the stage of business that was in. The more we grow, new challenges face us. I think of it a lot like parenting. When you become a parent, you have no idea what you’re doing. You learn as you go and just as soon as you figure it all out, your baby changes and you learn the next stage. Business isn’t any different. What if those challenges are really the lessons we need to learn so we can be successful? Think about every setback or difficult scenario you’ve been faced with. Hindsight, you’re probably thankful for that very moment that you thought would break you.

I’ve accepted that when the going gets tough, were usually on the verge of something incredible. It’s usually the universes way of asking, “Are you ready to grow, and how dedicated are you to doing it?” Coming out on the other side of whatever challenge you’re facing is the most incredible feeling as an entrepreneur. Not only did you get through it, but you proved to yourself that you’re resilient. You can accomplish so much when you stay focused on the big picture instead of getting hung up on the crappy stuff that tries to slow you down.

So no, I may not have it all figured out, have met my financial goals or even be the captain of a smooth sailing ship, but the cool thing is, I have the opportunity to continue making those things happen. We’re miles ahead of where we started nine years ago. Heck, we’re miles ahead of where we were last year and so are you. If you’re making things happen you have momentum and when you have momentum, you’re unstoppable.

Who’s looking at you thinking, “How do I get to where they are?”

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