By Courtney Richer  |  April 4, 2017


There are many reasons a business may experience transitions. These transitions can result from a change in management and/or team, a refocus on the services offered and even a change in location. It may not seem like much of a transition when moving your business from one space to the next, but a lot of planning and strategy is necessary to provide a space that is efficient for both clients and employees alike.

Here are a few things to consider during a location transition:

1. Get Your Team Involved – If you have a small but mighty team, have a small huddle; however, if you have a rather large team, it may be best to get the leadership team together for a chat. Share your excitement with them and ask questions about what they would like to see in the new space. Ask how they work, and the pros and cons of the current office. Bringing your team in together to collaborate not only shows them you care about them as people, but it allows everyone to get energized and stay optimistic during the transition.

2. Create A Timeline – During this time you will have so many details to keep track of, creating a spreadsheet or checklist of what needs to be done can help you to stay organized and not overlook even the smallest detail. You should also schedule time every other week for planning and keep everyone up-to-date on the progress, reducing the chance of surprises. As the move-in date nears, meeting weekly may be more beneficial.

3. Customize It – What does the space look like? This is the time to revamp or even rebrand yourself. This new space gives you a clean slate to make the office look and feel the way you want it to. Think about the exterior as well as the interior. Think about the employee spaces, do you want cubicles or open collaborative spaces? Also keep the client experience in mind when deciding on the layout, reception areas, and wall graphics. If you can’t build out the office the way you want and are moving to preexisting space, there are still many opportunities to share your brand on the interior and exterior too. And we can help!

4. Announce The Move – Now that you have made the decision to change locations, you have involved the team and even decided on how to brand the space, you need to let your clients know. Consider holding an open house, once you are moved in and all the kinks have been worked out. This will allow your clients to experience your new space with convenience. Send out a “We’ve Moved!” postcard notifying clients about the new address. And don’t forget to send out a press release.

Moving your business can give you a fresh start. It gives you the chance to revamp your business and motivate your staff, as well as reintroducing your clients to your company’s core values and the services you offer. Your new space allows you the ability to collaborate efficiently and puts you at the forefront for future opportunities.

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