By Laura Wallace |  March 09, 2017


Campaigns encompass a consistent message, tone, and visuals that are executed using methods such as, billboards and social media to educate current and potential clients. In other words, wherever you see this campaign, it looks, sounds and feels the same.

Campaigns can consist of various mediums and are not one size fits all. Consider who your target audience is. Where do those folks get their news? Are they more likely to be on social media vs. reading the newspaper? Do they appreciate getting printed mail vs. an email? Here are just a few ways to get your message out:

• Print Ads
• Video
• Print Collateral
• Billboards
• Radio
• Website Banners
• Social Media
• Giveaways
• Email Marketing
• Vehicle Ads
• Direct Mail
• Signs/Banners

There isn’t a rule of thumb on how many mediums you should choose or how long you should run a campaign. It really is based on your unique circumstance. Choosing the right method is what’s most important because the quality is better than quantity. We recommend our clients concentrate on the core ways they can effectively reach their audience and focus on doing those consistently and well. How long to run the campaign is also dependent on the target audience. If you’re running a campaign on time-sensitive materials, it’s important to plan ahead and get the designs out and in circulation on time. If it’s more of an awareness campaign, choose the timeframe that best suits the message. There’s a balance in keeping people’s attention and keeping the message fresh.

How can you evaluate when you should create a campaign vs. a one-time piece? Here are a few instances where a campaign will serve your project best:

1. A change in the core company – rebranding, moving locations, a major change in your team or a milestone year is all good reasons to run a campaign. You’ll be able to invite your clients to be part of your growth.


2. Addition of a new service – have a new service? Creating a campaign is a great way to educate your clients on what you offer and how it will benefit them.


3. An event or special occasion – special event coming up? Seasonal change that alters your inventory? A campaign gives you the opportunity to give all the details in one place.


4. Education/Core branding – keep your clients up to date with your core brand tone, morals and values, customer benefits and call to actions. Let your customers in on who you are and what you do to solve their problem.


5. Sale or promotion – Upcoming sales, promotions or contests are great reasons to run a specific campaign to invite your clients to participate in your promotions.

Campaigns are consistent reminders of who you are and what you offer to your clients. They’re like little bursts of energy that work on your behalf. Set a goal for what you want your campaign to accomplish. Is it to increase awareness? Increase sales? Empty older inventory? Get RSVPs? By setting the right goal, creating the right message and visuals, and placing it in the best mediums possible, you’re sure to see an increase in business!

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