By Laura Wallace  |  January 16, 2017


Gutsy. We all have it. Sometimes we embrace it and sometimes we shy away from it, but it’s always a part of our daily life. Webster explains Gutsy as “showing courage, determination, and spirit.” Sometimes it’s silent. Sometimes it’s loud. Sometimes it just is.

Gutsy can come in all shapes and sizes, too. Have you ever had an idea that you couldn’t stop thinking about? You play it out in your head, maybe share it with some close, trusted friends and wake up at 2 am thinking about it. When you’re driving you daydream about it and when you’re on your phone, you’re researching it. Then all of a sudden one day you act on it. You put that idea into motion and it starts to become real. All of a sudden it went from an idea to a tangible thing that people can see and experience. That’s Gutsy.

Or perhaps you’re making a change. You know what you need to do but are worried about the outcome. You make a decision that has the best interest of all involved and makes it happen. That’s Gutsy.

Maybe you want to try something new, something you’ve never done before. You’ve done the research, invested the time and are ready to put it in motion. You step out into the new territory and take a risk to make it happen. That’s Gutsy.

Having gutsy doesn’t always mean you’re moving mountains or making big changes. Having gutsy means that you’re willing to do something that hasn’t been done before, positively impact those around you and live the life you deserve. Heck, gutsy could be something as small as being willing to try new foods! You’re a risk-taker!

Branding your Gutsy is a deep and powerful message. It goes beyond the creation of a logo or a website. It’s about celebrating the idea that came to you while driving down the highway that you put motion behind. It’s about taking your gutsy idea and giving it a visual identity that you can share with others. There’s nothing more satisfying than going from trying to explain your idea to someone to showing it to them.

One of my favorite parts of the branding process is seeing the reaction the entrepreneurs we work with have when they see “their logo.” There’s a sense of pride, accomplishment, and excitement that comes with seeing your idea brought to life. That my friend is branding your Gutsy.

We’re natural risk-takers. We celebrate crazy, big ideas. We understand the entrepreneur mind. And we adore a great celebration when it all comes together. Gutsy doesn’t always mean guaranteed success, but it means you’re willing to take the risk to see if it will be.

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