By Laura Wallace  |  December 23, 2016


“What is my return on investing in branding?” is a common question we are asked. Developing a visual brand, logo, print materials, signs, website and social media, is often a commitment and investment. But how do we track if the money that our clients spend is actually helping them grow?

The truth of the matter is, it’s hard to measure the success of one logo. Will changing your logo cause your business to skyrocket? Probably not. But it’s an important foundation for your growing company’s success.

Think about your company’s image or brand, like landscaping. Businesses often invest in landscaping outside of their business doors to create a positive and professional appearance. When your customers come in, they don’t always recognize the details of the landscaping, but they know it gives them an overall positive feel. Will the landscaping increase your company’s success? Probably not. But it adds to the experience that your customers have grown to love. If all of a sudden it was a mess, people would notice.

There are a ton of other visual areas companies invest in that add to their business appearance. Some might include:

• Interior design
• Architecture of the building
• Office supplies and furniture
• Professional clothing
• Personal self-care

What you may or may not realize is, those are all investments in your brand. Branding is an overall feeling and experience that enhances your ability to grow and expand your business.

There are absolutely ways to track if your brand is working. We just received a fantastic testimonial from a client, Weiss Bros. This year we wrapped their service vehicles with a new logo, message, and color scheme. Just a few weeks ago, a client contacted them and said, “I saw your truck this morning and it reminded me to call you.” Now Weiss Bros. can track how the return on their investment pays forward. If their brand wasn’t front and center, that person may have never called.

One of the best ways to measure your brand is to ask your clients. Here are some simple and non-invasive questions you can ask your customers:

• Where did you hear about us?
• What made you call us?
• What made you decide to work with us?

You can ask these questions through email surveys like, in person when working with them or in a follow-up phone call as a way to “touch” that client again.

Good branding often leads to a growing business. If your product is great, your service is great and it’s all presented in a professional and relatable way, chances are you’ve earned yourself a repeat customer. A good brand is also repetitious. When you train your customers to see your logo, advertisements or social media posts, you gain what we call “top of mind awareness”. Even if they don’t need you now, being in front of them on a regular basis increases your chances of building a relationship with them later.

Branding is an ongoing process that adds value to your business by giving you a consistent, personalized and professional appearance. And with intentional planning, will be a continuing return on your investment.

Ready to re-brand or start your business in 2017? We are currently opening spots for new clients for Q2. Email or call the office at 717.643.1141 to schedule your intro meeting with our creative team!

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