A Gutsy Exclusive: Marcus Lemonis from CNBC’s The Profit

Welcome to the very first Gutsy Podcast Exclusive featuring Marcus Lemonis from CNBC’s The Profit!

Entrepreneurship has been in Marcus’s blood from an early age – as a child, he read the description of entrepreneur to his mother from a dictionary while working on a school project.


In this episode you’ll learn:

• What Marcus loves most about small businesses

• The key thing you should be focused on when starting a business

• Being yourself as a leader: where to draw the “bright line”

• Why branding should be a complementary process as opposed to a primary objective

• A new way to look at failure as part of your success

• What GUTSY means to Marcus


Humble beginnings have led to Marcus’s business success – as a serial entrepreneur and CEO, he’s dedicated his life to helping other small businesses revive and thrive. You’re probably most familiar with Marcus from CNBC’s The Profit where he invests time, care, and money into helping entrepreneurs save their dream and get a clear plan of action to maintain it.

His focus is on authentic relationships and purpose-driven commerce. Known for his down to earth, brutally honest approach, Marcus has become a beacon of information and hope to small businesses throughout the world.



The Honey Badger – this is freaking hilarious

The Brandstarter™ Course



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Website: marcuslemonis.com



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