95: Life as a Mompreneur with Dr. Avital Beck

You’re a mom but you’re also an entrepreneur at heart.

You want to be the best mother that you can be but don’t want to give up your dreams.

Running a business and being a great mother doesn’t have to be a decision, they can reside next to one another. And I have the amazing Dr Avital Beck to speak about just this — being a mompreneur!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Where did the idea for MilkStrip come from?
  • Knowing when it’s time to leave the security of your day job and go full force into your business
  • Dr Beck talks about the obstacles she faced when transitioning into entrepreneurship
  • The importance of the representation of women in STEM
  • Advice for women or young girls wanting to go into STEM
  • Stepping into entrepreneurship with toddlers and releasing the expectations that moms ‘have’ to do
  • The reality of mom-shaming
  • How to practice being present in your company and at home
  • Advice for mamas who may be struggling with running a business and also raising a family at the same time

Dr Avital Beck is the CEO, Chief Science Officer, and co-founder of MilkStrip. While working in Israel’s biotech industry, she was looking for her next challenge and took a leap of faith to create a startup focusing on problems many mothers faced while breastfeeding – including knowing if their breast milk has expired and if it met their babies’ nutritional needs.

With over 7 years of experience in the biotech industry, she co-created the first company in the world to offer these at-home self-diagnostic tests for breastmilk. 

Did I mention she has a PhD in Molecular Biology? 

She’s a mama of six and an advocate and mentor for women, encouraging them to reach for their goals. 



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“I think that there comes a time when you feel that, ‘Okay, I did everything I was expected to do. But now is the time to do what I really want to do.’”

“But breast milk remains an enigma. And why is this if it’s the soul nutrition you give to your baby?”

“Life is full of surprises. And even if I left some kind of security, well, maybe another security would come.”

“I mean, many medications do not fit women. And many innovations do not fit women. They’re all talking to men.”

“You just have to schedule whatever you have; your plans, your home, what is important, what is less important.”

“And slowly, slowly [the business] grows, but your kids grow with it.”

“If I decide this, I’ll be unhappy here and if I decide that I’ll be unhappy here. So I will find a way to do them both.”

“You don’t have all the knowledge at the beginning. And that’s okay.”

“Sometimes you have to give up things, sometimes you have to be more flexible, sometimes you just have to be creative. Yeah, there are times when you have to make hard decisions and even have some guilt…”

“Maybe the road is not a straight road. But it doesn’t mean that I’m not going to get to my targets as I wanted.”



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