94: Creating High Ticket Offers With Desiree Stafford

You’re a powerhouse!

You know that you have what it takes, but the fear of truly stepping into your power and charging a premium scares the hell out of you.

Yet you see women doing it ALL THE TIME. What the hell is going on?

Today, we’re talking about doing the inner work that’s necessary to be able to step into your power and create high ticket offers that sell with ease. I brought in the master herself, my business coach, Desiree Stafford.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The top beliefs, characteristics, and circumstances holding women back in business
  • Why you cannot try to succeed and try to please everyone at the same time
  • What does inner work mean and why is it more powerful than action?
  • Why there are more benefits in making the choice to ‘go for what you want’ than ‘staying the same’
  • What are high ticket offers?
  • How you can overcome the mental block of ‘I can’t charge that much!’
  • The ability to teach others and guide others no matter what you’re healing in your own life
  • Common fears around performance and ability, and how to overcome them
  • How to attract clients that are willing and ready to pay high ticket offers

Desiree is a high-performance coach and high ticket mentor who helps ambitious coaches unleash their 6/7 figure potential and enjoy the freedom of being more of who they really are.  She specializes in helping her clients command fees that reflect the massive value they deliver and accelerate their sales with simplicity and ease.

She is on a mission to help powerhouses make the level of income and impact they know they are capable of with simplicity and ease and her purpose is to help high powered women free themselves so they can create the lifestyle they desire and deserve.



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“If I had a coach, I would never have taken a step back. But I did because what I thought were stop signs, that made me think that I was not meant to be an entrepreneur, we’re actually growth opportunities.”

“I think that something detrimental always happens. And it doesn’t always look like losing a job or running out of money or any of that kind of stuff. Sometimes it’s the fact that you don’t get to live the life you’re capable of living.”

“A lot of high powered women in my personal experience, while we have confidence in what we can do, we are often not as confident in ourselves.”

“Because if you can accept that you are more than enough as you are, then it takes away the wound, if you will, of not being enough. And then it takes away the wound of being too much. And you just accept that you are enough as you are.”

“There’s going to be some people who love you, and some people who don’t, and that’s just okay.”

“Our natural state is abundance; our natural state is to feel relaxed and calm and trusting it – we’ve been conditioned out of that.”

“Because if you believe that you have to work hard to make more money, that’s going to be the reality you create for yourself.”

“Staying the same presents risk. There’s a risk in not going for what it is that you want, just as there’s a risk in going for what you want. So you’ve got to weigh which is the biggest risk, right?”

“You’re going to be so much more in your power if you take the risk of going for what you want.”

“When you focus on what you’re afraid of losing, you totally negate what you can actually gain.”

“You as the expert have to trust that what you bring to the table is enough. And again, it’s something that you have to decide; that no one else can decide for you. You’ve just got to decide that it’s enough.”

“Maybe you’re just good. And it’s time to own it.”

“We have to understand that when we fail to be who we are, we don’t just let ourselves down, we let the people down who need us to be who we are in order for them to experience the full benefit of us.”



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