92: How to Safely and Securely Launch Your Business With Samantha Touchais

92: How to Safely and Securely Launch Your Business With Samantha Touchais

You’re busy with life as it is, but you have this recurring pull to launch a business.

But how do you do it? Where do you begin? Will you be secure in your finances? Are you sacrificing everything in your life to follow a dream?

Safety and security is in our human nature – but it’s often the thing that holds people back from pursuing their dreams.

Today we’re talking with Samantha Touchais about launching a business safely and securely all while following your WHY.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Samantha talks about her life-changing entrepreneurial journey
  • The importance of looking at entrepreneurship as an adventure
  • A mindset change to help you overcome the fear of failure
  • Differentiating between your ego and your intuition
  • Why sometimes the action you need to take is to actually to just pause and reflect
  • What is an NLT practitioner and how can this practice help women in business?
  • Why creating a vision of your life is so important
  • What does it mean to launch a business safely and securely?
  • Recommendations for navigating everyone else’s fear when you’re starting your business
  • Advice for female entrepreneurs who are at the beginning stages of their business

Samantha Touchais is a Business and Mindset Coach helping women create a safe and secure path to launching their dream business by providing them with the support and tools to make it a success.

She has over 20 years of marketing and strategy experience working for large international companies around the world and it was her love of how the mind works and how to create the right mindset for success that led her into coaching.




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“And in the end, I thought, ‘I’m just gonna go for this. This is exactly what I need to do. I think this is where life is now taking me and I’m just going to be brave and step forward.’ So I started a business.”

“Some elements that will come up you can prepare yourself for and the rest of it, you just have to go with the flow.”

“And I think if we get so fixated on trying to control the outcome of a situation, we don’t see the other opportunities and the options that are before us.”

“Whenever I feel afraid, that’s my ego, just saying to me, ‘I love you and I want to keep you small and I want to keep you safe.’ And that’s when I’ve had to say to myself a million times now. ‘It’s okay if something goes wrong.”

“I can tell you firsthand if you don’t listen to life, life will keep showing up for you in ways you don’t want to show up; you will keep getting that same lesson.”

“What are you currently telling yourself? Is it helping you or not? If it’s not, let’s change that language and let’s put language into the brain that is going to make the brain get you towards where you want to go.”

“You can tell your brain what to focus on. And this is so exciting because it really shows us that life is what we make; that we can create the life we want.”

“And when I think about my own journey, one of the biggest fears for me was, ‘What if it doesn’t work financially?’”

“And I think that’s the most important foundation, it’s really understanding the purpose. But it’s not just the purpose of your business, it’s the purpose of your life.”

“Because we spend our whole time living in fear of a particular outcome. But until we take action, we don’t actually know what the outcome is going to be.”

“Everyone will have their own opinion based on their own experience and their own fears. No one has done what you’re about to do, so how can they know? How can they give advice?”



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