90: Releasing Limiting Beliefs While Stepping Into Confidence With Janelle Lynnae

Confidence – we all want it but it can feel like one of the hardest things to get.

Once you step into your own brand of confidence, you can open up new opportunities, sustain a healthier life, and attract the right people, simply by standing in your power.

Today we’re talking about releasing limiting beliefs so you can step into confidence and to join me, I have Janelle Lynnae.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why Janelle had this subconscious belief that she was going to die in her mid-20s
  • Are your lies or limiting beliefs becoming your truths?
  • A reason why you may not be getting the results you want in certain areas of your life
  • Why it’s okay to change your business if it no longer fulfills you
  • Challenging yourself to shift from a ‘black and white’ way of thinking to a ‘grey’ way of thinking
  • How to identify limiting beliefs and how to build awareness around them
  • Why you can do anything you want to as long as you create the time and energy to do it
  • How can women shift away from equating confidence with cockiness?
  • The reality of comparing ourselves to others

Janelle is the Founder of Next Level Confident and the host of The Next Level Confident Podcast.

She is a keynote speaker, confidence coach, and workshop facilitator that teaches women how to break free from limiting beliefs that unknowingly hold them back.

Janelle and her team empower women, specifically in male-dominated STEM industries (Science Tech Engineering Math), and give concrete tools to build each woman’s confidence muscle in and out of the workplace.

Janelle is all about helping women step into their power and see themselves as the valuable assets they are to this world. 




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“I did not think I would be an entrepreneur growing up, by any means.”

“As I continued to play those negative mantras in my mind, they became true, right? Confirmation bias; what you look for becomes more true or what you focus on, you create more of,”

“It’s really hard to differentiate lies from truth when you repeat it so often because it’s become your reality.”

“And a lot of times, we like to keep our darkest thoughts to ourselves because they’re so scary that we think if we share them out loud, that we’ll be unlovable or people will think we’re crazy. But in actuality, when you say something out loud, it loses its power over you.”

“Your beliefs lead to your thoughts, your thoughts lead to your actions and your actions lead to results.”

“Confidence means being willing to take action on every area of your life, even if you’re scared shitless.” 

“One of my favorite, favorite, favorite mantras that gets me through all the time is, ‘Slow and steady wins the race.’”

“There’s usually a lesson to be learned in the waiting.”

“I have a growth mindset. I can choose to become better at anything I want.”

“There’s such a wide plethora of limiting beliefs you could be struggling within so many different areas of your life. But the first step is acknowledging it.”

“Me being a queen doesn’t take away from you being a queen, because we are both equals and we are both impacting the world.”

“By having confidence and loving yourself and thinking you’re amazing, you are unconsciously, or maybe you’re consciously giving others permission to love themselves and have confidence and see all their awesomeness.”



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