87: The Connection Between Fear and Finances With Mark Butler

Your bookkeeping – I’d bet you’re either obsessed with it or you go with the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality.

Your finances don’t have to be a gas pedal or slam-on-the-breaks routine – and understanding that there is an enormous connection between deep-rooted fear and your financial future can be the very thing that sets you free.

Today, we’re chatting about all things fear, finances, and bookkeeping and to do that, I have accounting expert, Mark Butler.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Mark’s entrepreneurial journey
  • Why Mark felt broke even after founding three online business that brought in close to $2 million
  • How to ‘magically’ shrink your spending without feeling super restrictive
  • Why being self-employed gives you more control over your finances
  • How to get really in tune with your money without self-criticism or self-judgment  (this one’s for my ‘out of sight, out of mind’ folks)
  • How to eliminate the negative narratives around your finances
  • What is hedonic adaptation and how can this lead to financial disappointment?
  • How to raise your rates with confidence
  • According to Mark, what is the ‘job’ of the money?
  • How did Mark help Brooke Castillo achieve her financial vision?

Mark is the founder of the accounting startup Let’s Do the Books, as well as, the bookkeeper, CFO and confidante to top online entrepreneurs like Brooke Castillo and Stacey Boehman.

Before working in finance, Mark co-founded three online businesses that brought in close to $2 million in total revenue.

Today, Mark combines his business savvy with his certification in life coaching to help business owners take control of their finances and work through the shame and anxiety that almost always comes up when dealing with money.




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“I just avoided it – I didn’t really think about how much money was coming in or going out.”

“We went into each area and said, ‘What is it about spending this money in this way that’s actually moving the needle in my life in my in my happiness, or in my, in my comfort and my ease?’

“The beauty of self-employment and of creating businesses is we’re able to say, ‘I need my income to be 2x or 3x…”

“If we’re finding ourselves feeling negative emotions when we’re looking at numbers on computer screens, then something is missing there.”

“When you get really in tune with your money, you’ll find that the plans you make for bringing in new revenue become more concrete.”

“Once you know that the money you’re bringing in actually will move the needle in your life and your business, I think you’re more likely to take the action that goes in to get that new success – that new money outlet.”

“You can look at the numbers and you can make them mean anything you want.”

“It actually isn’t the number on the screen that matters. It’s sort of the meaning you give it.”

“We’ll keep track of the money as we go but let’s not make too big of a deal out of it!”



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