83: Taking Your Passion Full-Time With Sariah Wilson

You have a hobby that you’re passionate about and dream about taking it full-time, but where do you even begin?

Is this a feasible lifestyle or a wild daydream?

Today we’re going to talk about taking your passion from a hobby to your career and to do that, I have bestselling author, Sariah Wilson.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What inspired Sariah to write a novel
  • How to navigate naysayers when pursuing your dream
  • Why you should just ask for something if you really want it
  • The importance of finding your tribe and the people who love what you do
  • Why staying true to who you are really matters when following your dream
  • Helpful recommendations for aspiring writers wanting to start their careers
  • Motivation to get you through the moments when you feel like quitting on your dream
  • Why you limit yourself when you believe that someone else’s success will take away from your own success
  • Sariah shares her UNBELIEVABLE love story with us (and a little love advice too!)

A passionate believer in happily-ever-afters, Sariah and her own soulmate live in Utah with their four children and the two family cats.

Her belief in true love has inspired several bestselling romance series, including End of the Line; Lovestruck; Ugly Stepsisters, Royals of Monterra, and many standalone novels.

She has repeatedly hit Amazon’s overall Top 100 (both in and outside the USA) and been a #1 bestseller on Amazon category lists multiple times. Her books have been featured in USA TODAY, GLAMOUR and GLAMOUR UK.



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“I’m just the kind of person that if someone tells me, ‘I can’t do it’. I’m going to show you that I can. Like, I’ll  do it 10 times more.”

“There’s been lots of things that have been rough and hard on the road. But I think you just have to go for it. And if people are telling you ‘No’, my thing is to say ‘why not me’.”

“I would tell people who are pursuing their dreams, ‘Ask for stuff because you never know what’s going to happen.’”

“And if one person says, ‘Well, I don’t like that’, so what? So that is one person’s opinion, you know. Move on past that and keep doing what you’re doing and find your tribe.”

“I don’t know why the bad reviews, like, are so much more painful and so much more believable.”

“You also look at, what product am I putting out? What is the marketplace responding to? And if I start putting out something entirely different? Are they going to feel betrayed?”

“And so I think when you have a vision of, ‘this is what I write, this is my voice, this is what I’m good at’ and you stay true to that, it doesn’t matter what the trends are.”

“I didn’t fail; it led to all my success.”



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