82: More is More – The Power of Love with Daniella Astor

We’re in the well-known month of love, so it’s only fitting to talk about love in all aspects – love for yourself, your partner, your business, and your life.

The power of love is so strong – energy out is always energy in.

Today we’re going to learn how the most successful female business owners and entrepreneurs do LOVE and it might not be what you think. So naturally, I brought in the beautiful LOVE expert, Daniella Astor.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What led Daniella to become a love coach?
  • The concept ‘more is more’ and how it applies to love.
  • How female entrepreneurs can nurture a relationship with a man who is NOT an entrepreneur.
  • Why your partner does NOT also need to be your mentor.
  • The importance of loving yourself first.
  • Why faith plays such a vital role in finding love.
  • How to release the death grip on love.
  • What is the ‘I get to just be’ technique and how can female entrepreneurs practice it?
  • Tips and tricks on how to step into confidence, trust and ease in every part of your life.

Daniella is a love coach for the highest achieving women who want to find LOVE.

She’s also the creator and founder of LOVE IQ, a yearlong mastermind that guides you through the Mind of Love Method, so you can amplify your success, power and riches by adding LOVE to the equation.

Her clients attract extraordinary men, get engaged and married, and have the most delicious babies… all because they had the courage to demand MORE LOVE out of life.



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“But I felt pretty much, I’m good at what I’m doing. But I’m never going to be the best. And that was not a happy moment for me.”

“… to really consider and treat dating as a medium for growth versus an end result.”

“It’s a common misunderstanding, that a relationship, a loving relationship with that of a good person, man or woman is going to somehow cost you – it’s going to take something away.”

“If you have a vision, it’s up to you to go for it. And it’s up to you to trust that your partner is going to be there with you.”

“When you know that you deserve it, that’s the ultimate love.”

“You can have that kind of true power in every part of your life, in your relationship, in your parenting (if you have children), in your business.”

“I make a real black and white roster of all the thoughts that I know are pretty crappy. And I’m like, ‘Oh, I love you, honey. You’re old. You’re done. You didn’t know any better. I’m going to redeem you.’”



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