80: Financial Empowerment With Elise McDowell

80: Financial Empowerment With Elise McDowell

You’ve been craving financial freedom and abundance but haven’t been able to reach the financial goals you desire.

Or maybe you think of a number that you’d love to hit in your business and then immediately talk yourself out of it – it’s too big, it’s unobtainable, and it’s selfish.

Today we’re going to talk about building a healthy relationship with money, growing your money mindset, and stepping into financial empowerment with Elise McDowell.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What the process of healing our relationship with money looks and feels like?
  • How the process of manifestation through visualization can serve as a vital growth lesson.
  • Why women tend to lower their expectations of what they’re capable of earning.
  • Why it’s okay AND healthy to have more money and why more money  ≠  equate to harder work.
  • Recommendations to someone who has self-doubts about their pricing.
  • Guidance around communicating with naysayers.
  • The difference between passive and active income.
  • Top tips people can implement into their business to create a healthy and easy stream of income.

Elise McDowell is a business and mindset mentor who’s obsessed (obsessed I tell you!) with helping entrepreneurial women empower themselves financially while having a lot of fun doing it. 

She’s an International Speaker, Author, Podcaster, and Digital Product Boss. She will help you create income and impact, in-flow, and fun!



Elise’s course, Abundant AF, is currently closed for enrollment. To join the waitlist click HERE.



“When women are empowered financially, they make, like, they move mountains – essentially they make huge decisions that can change the world.”

“All it does is amplify who you already are now. So if you’re a good person, now, you’d be a good person with more money.”

“To hit your next income goal, normalize the numbers so much that it becomes underwhelming to achieve it.”

“But a lot of the time people will sabotage themselves when they have what they think is ‘too much for them’.”

“It can be easy, and it can be enjoyable, and it can be safe and normal to have more [money].”

“But if you still don’t believe that you are worthy of money, that you deserve to have a fuck ton of it, that it gets to be easy – that is going to really hold you back.”

“… it was the mindset that kept him rich because he grew up around rich people who thought differently about money. And the poor people stayed poor because they grew up around poor psychology.”

“My success is inevitable. There’s no other option.”



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