79: Self-Love Through Reiki With Karissa Love

The journey to self-love can be foggy and challenging – especially when the world and other people are telling you otherwise. 

Today, we’re going to talk about healing your shadow side, transforming your thoughts, and embracing self-love to live a life that is authentic, rich, and beautiful. And to do this, I have master Reiki practitioner, Karissa Love.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of embracing self-love as a process rather than a one-and-done type of situation.
  • The difference between self-love and self-care.
  • What is shadow work and where does one begin with that?
  • How to release things in our lives that no longer serve us.
  • What is Reiki and what is the power of it?
  • What are the different reasons somebody might need Reiki? #spiritualcheerleader
  • An overview of chakras and what the main chakras are.
  • The different Reiki techniques that people can do on themselves.
  • How to step into self-love and open ourselves up to newness after the monumental year of 2020.

Karissa is a Reiki practitioner and mind, body, spirit wellness advocate. She is passionate about helping people on their journey with self-love and finding natural holistic solutions and alignment with essential oils, CBD, and toxin-free home products. 

Karissa offers intuitive readings to help dive deeper into finding self-care tools and techniques that help aid and release all that no longer serves while empowering and calling forth authentic self. She offers recommendations on crystals and oils to work with energetic levels as well.



If you would like to get your hands on Karissa’s Self-Care Tools & Techniques guide, you can download the FREE .pdf HERE.

To learn more about Reiki, head on over to lovekarissa.com/blog.



“I want you to see the love that you’re capable of, and that you are and deserve and embody.”

“Anytime that we say I need to do something versus I want to do something then we really need to take a look at, ‘Okay, is this serving me? Where is this coming from?”

“You gotta try things out and find what resonates for you.”

“We’re more efficient and successful and happier when we’re, you know, living in our authentic aligned cells…”

“A lot of the work does need to be done internally because that’s where we source our power – that’s where we stand in our authentic truth.”

“Going outside of ourselves to fix things a lot of times is avoidance, you know; it’s not actually getting to the core issues.”

“You can’t expect yourself to be operating at butterfly status when you’re in the middle of the cocoon [status] being all gooey and deconstructing.”

“Really living out what your truth is and your expression, that’s how you live a gutsy life.”



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