77: Hiring and Managing Your Team with Laura Tolhoek

You have a growing business and it’s time to add people. But how in the hell do you do that? Where do you even begin? 

Should you hire an employee? Should you bring in a sub-contractor? Like seriously, what are the first steps? 

Hiring and managing a team requires diligent steps and brand alignment. So, today, we’re going to talk about how to find and manage your employees, subcontractors, and service providers and to do that I have Laura Tolhoek from Essential HR.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

    • Hiring employees versus subcontractors and important things to consider when going the subcontractor route.
    • What is an HR company and how can a small business benefit from one?
    • What is an employer brand and why is it important for your business’s growth? 
    • Four key areas in the interview and the hiring process that you want to look at when bringing on new team members.
    • How to attract the best quality candidate for your job role?
    • Guidance around navigating personal relationships versus employer relationships in a small business.
    • Recommendations around the onboarding process of a new hire.
    • Sticky employee situations that small businesses can run up against and some preventive measures to combat them (especially during COVID).
    • Top things that employers should look out for when hiring, whether it’s a subcontractor or an employee.

As a Certified Human Resource Leader (CHRL), Laura knows that when a business faces HR problems, there is no room for ambiguity, only positive results. 

For the last 15 years, she has blended sound HR practices with her pragmatic approach to improve business performance. Now, Laura leads a team of HR professionals as they navigate complex HR situations with managers, help guide decisions, and instill confidence with actionable steps.



If you want to get your hands on Laura’s download, 5 Steps to Align & Amplify Your Employer Brand, go to essentialhr.ca/gutsy.



“[My mentor] really made me focus on the things that I loved, and that I was passionate about, versus trying to be everything to all people.”

“It’s not the success I’m afraid of. It’s the responsibility that comes along with it.”

“When you build a team, it’s like building a family.”

“Matching who you are as a brand, from a company standpoint to your internal documents is huge.”

“If this friendship goes south because of a business situation, am I okay with that? Or if my business goes south because of a friendship situation, am I okay with that?”

“People think managing is easy. Managing people is the most difficult thing you will ever do in your life. Hands down. I’m certain of it.”

“Don’t let the little red flags just die in the sand, make sure that you pick them up and run with them to make sure you’re maybe not missing out on a great candidate or maybe passing on a not so great one.”



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