76: Launching a Business During COVID with Lynn Power

Did you just start a business or were thinking about starting one when a freaking global pandemic hit?

As if launching a business isn’t hard enough already. Am I right? 

Business as we know it – hell LIFE as we know it – has been forever changed. But just because things feel different does NOT mean that your dreams and visions should go by the wayside. 

Today we’re going to talk to Lynn Power from Masami about launching a business during COVID – some of the learning curves that came along with it, and how you can build a thriving business in spite of it. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

    • Why it’s important to NOT try and be an expert in everything but to rather hone in on what you like and know.
    • Where to begin when launching a new business and some suggestions around the implementation of it. (hint: it starts with the letter ‘b’)
    • Some early hurdles that small businesses tend to face when launching.
    • Why delegation is so important and some telltale signs that you need to start delegating.
    • How to evaluate whether you need to start building an internal team or an external team. 
    • Some helpful (and unhelpful) tools that startups can use to grow their business.
    • Advice around building an online presence.
    • How to stay motivated whilst growing a business during a pandemic.

Lynn is a 30-year advertising executive (most recently the CEO of J. Walter Thompson, New York) turned entrepreneur. In February, she launched Masami, a clean premium hair care brand (and if you think back to that timeframe, it was a pretty pivotal time for all of us!)

Lynn loves building high-performance teams, disrupting the status quo, and helping women find their voices. 



The book mentioned in the podcast, The Hero and the Outlaw: Building Extraordinary Brands Through the Power of Archetypes, is available for purchase on Amazon.



“Don’t clone yourself, you know, find somebody with complementary skill sets. It’s much more effective.”

“I think a lot of times I see entrepreneurs get really focused on their products, and not thinking about the brand…”

“There’s certain things that you’re good at, certain things you’re not, and being self-aware of what those are, is super helpful.”

 “…being able to pivot and not getting locked into a structure or a system.”

“It’s really about consistency. It’s about relevancy. It’s about engaging with your followers. And it takes a lot of work and a lot of time.”

“You have to be surrounded by people who have your back, who support you, and you support them.”


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