Embracing Difficult Conversations with Alissa Carpenter

65: Embracing Difficult Conversations with Alissa Carpenter

I know you’ve been there – something needs said or dealt with and that rollercoaster of a ride feeling emerges in your stomach. Do you say something? Do you let it go? Am I over reacting or is this a legit issue? Sometimes it feels easier to just let it go – but that often leads to other challenges.

Miscommunication is often the root of frustration, mistakes, and challenges between people. Today we’re going to talk about embracing difficult conversations and to do that, I have Alissa Carpenter, owner of Everything’s NOT OK and That’s OK.

Alissa Carpenter is a workplace communications expert, author, TEDx Speaker, Podcast Host and Learning Facilitator. She works with organizations to transform the way employees communicate by creating inclusive workplaces. She works with organizations ranging from non-profit to multi-billion-dollar enterprises all over the world and has been featured in media outlets including ABC, FOX, Forbes, and CBS.

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