56: The #1 Secret to Success with JB The Wizard

There are thousands of books and blogs that advise you on how to win. Success is sometimes broken down into an equation that not everybody fits into. So how do we define success in the first place?

Well, I can tell you it’s way more than money in the bank and food on the table. It’s actually quite deeper than that. Today we’re talking about a different layer of success, the #1 secret that holds people back — but probably don’t even realize it’s a thing.

I am super excited because I have JB The Wizard who helped celebrities and CEOs regain control, speak with confidence, get unstuck, and live to their full potential. His passion is setting people free so they can feel fulfilled, unlock more money, better their relationships and their use of time — all while feeling more confident.

Shall I also mention that JB began his career as an actor and has worked alongside Cuba Gooding Jr., performed with Broadway actors, has done voiceovers for Cartoon Network, and was on the Fox hit TV show Prison Break. It is a true and insane honor to share this magical human with you.

JB, welcome to The Gutsy Podcast.


Laura: So tell me, tell the guests, what is the secret to success that we are unlocking today?

JB: The number was secret is alignment. Let the heavens part, let the trumpets sound — okay — let there just be clarity. This is it. This is the bottom line. One of the things I’m very serious about. I always like to find that leverage point. What’s really going on? What’s at the root of the problem? Not just the symptoms. What is the root? And when you just keep on hacking away, hacking away, and hacking away that’s how I got to this spot of wait a second: alignment.

This applies to entrepreneurs, life, marriage, relationships, friendships, marketing, any and everything goes back to this spot. I’ll stop there because I can keep on going.

Laura: No, it’s great. So maybe you can break it down in, like, what is alignment to you? What does that mean?

JB: Yeah, great. So I’m going to describe it by some of the things that it’s not? So they do call me The Wizard, but another one is The Chiropractor of The Soul. And what that means is a lot of time for dealing with the spinal cord we hear *crunch* to get people quote-unquote in alignment, right? To click those bones back into gear.

When you’re not in alignment, it could be misaligned in this area or that area. Headaches, we get a lot of different things from the spinal cord not being aligned. But once it clicks back into gear, we could get increased blood flow, the pain can go away, you feel a little better, right? All of that happens. It’s the same thing that happens when I use this word spiritual alignment we’re getting aligned mentally, emotionally, and physically. This is what it’s all about.

So the ramifications for this is that when you come from a place of alignment, you can speak better, sell better, pitch better, market better, communicate better, more persuasively and effectively. You can have more money, success — whatever you’re going after — and you will not have confusion or fatigue. Any of those things. So we have to figure out what is your alignment?

So when it comes to marketing, business, we have so many people being told to hustle, try, strive, never give up. Which is true, in some cases. It’s literally like somebody sprains their ankle. Sometimes people say walk it off. Other times, walking it off can do a lot more damage. So there’s so much marketing, business life advice that people are applying when really they should not walk it off. They need to get in alignment. Then there are times when they’re in alignment and adversity occurs, and then you should walk it off. But you got to know the difference between the two.


Laura: Oh, that’s huge. So this may be a deeper question, but how do you know the difference? Because I can completely vouch for that. So when you feel like you’re in alignment but everything’s pushing back and it’s getting really hard and everything’s kind of falling apart. How do you know the difference between Yeah, you’re in the right place but you just need to walk this off versus No, actually, you’re out of alignment. You need to not be there at all?

That could be a really confusing place to be.

JB: It’s a very sad, confusing, tiresome, angry place to be. And what happens is a lot of times people come in for a clinical x-ray, right? And what we do on that call is I have to hear what’s going on.

So how can you do this, let’s say, without, you know, it’s literally like taking an x-ray of yourself maybe? But I use a quote, I was on The Bradley Show the other day and I said, “Everybody needs a mirror to see the back of their head. So he was thinking [laughter] and said, “Wait a second. I think you need two.”

Let’s say in your case you’re not taking the mirror in front of you for granted. You would need two. There would be the first mirror and then there’s another mirror you’re holding up to see the back. So when we’re getting in alignment it’s, how can you get that second mirror — that second perspective — on your own a little bit?

There’s an aspect of alignment I call your atomic core. So, a submarine goes out to the ocean. It can’t come back for a charge. It can’t come back for gas. It can’t come back with something because it’s out in the ocean for a long time. So how can it sustain that energy? It has a nuclear fusion reactor that enables it to retain power for months at a time. And so when it comes to alignment, that’s what we have to find. That atomic core that can power us for years, months.

When you have this adversity that comes your way, everything’s falling apart, garbage is hitting the fan, it’s all just ruined — you’ll know you’re in alignment when you’ve got a sense of calm and clarity. When you feel broken, shattered to pieces, confused, then you are most likely not quite tapped into your atomic those That’s the best way I can summarize the two indicators.


Laura: So feeling and thinking, there’s a balance that comes with that as well, right? Because if you’re over-feeling, then you’re not thinking clearly. But if you’re over-thinking, then you’re not feeling clearly. There are so many scales in this alignment equation.

JB: Yeah, it is not easy. So I do it like surgery, so like spinal surgery or brain surgery. Just small movements of touching this nervous or that nerve elicit different responses. So this is a very delicate area, and all of this is very, um, the best I could say it is just delicate.

So when you go inside at the root of everything, this balance you’re speaking of is what’s happening. Not too much of this, not too little of that, right? And in that we take a look at this neutral zone almost, where almost everything is neutral and it’s what we decide to do with it. Which brings me back to the feeling and the thinking. So feeling is valuable, thinking is valuable, being is valuable-est.

Okay, so that’s a real word. Just now created it. [laughter]

Laura: It’s now in the JB Dictionary of Awesomeness.

JB: I like that. The JB Dictionary of Awesomeness. Thank you.

So, yes, being is a real thing, right? You have to have a balance. It can’t be too left to right. So what’s happening when we go to thinking sometimes is most of the time you take a look at their future — but that’s not the future. Or we take a look at the past — and that no longer exists, either. So what we want to get to is a spot where we sort of decide. That’s really where the magic can begin.

A lot of people are waiting for permission of any sort, even for permission from ourselves. Or we’re waiting for this feeling. Any form of waiting is not quite appropriate most of the time. Most of the time. We want to be decisive. Want to decide. The brain can be used to create using some logic. The feeling can be used as well to incorporate some creativity. And then we’ve got to incorporate decision and then move forward.

There’s a system to all this. Its impact. That’s a system that I created.

Laura: Yeah, we’re definitely gonna dig into that. But I want to pause for a second because I thought, you know, what brings a lot of clarity is deciding. Because we often end up in this gray kind of mucky area where we’re swaying back and forth between thinking and feeling when a lot of times we just need to decide and then own that decision and pour everything into it.

JB: Right, right. Scary, but true. That’s it.


Laura: So, we just talked about the impact system. But before we dig truly down into the impact system, what do you find that holds most people back?

JB: Themselves.

Laura: [chuckles] Themselves. Amen, that’s the whole episode guys.

JB: [laughter] And that’s the terrifying reality of it. It’s like a horrible truth, but it’s also very fascinating, but it’s also very horrible again. Like, that’s it.

Laura: [laughter] This is funny. I mean, it’s 100% true because if you think about all the stuff we’ve already talked about, the thinking and the feeling and the alignment and all this stuff — like, when you boil it all down its back to ourselves.

JB: Yeah, that’s the part that is horrible and scary because, you know, we could spend time getting certifications, we could set spend time getting people’s approval, we could spend time getting followers, we could spend time thinking, wishing, hoping. We could spend so much time, so much money, so much everything getting and going. There are so many things we could do, but at some point you realize — and that’s the sad moment — that is not it at all.

And that’s a horrible moment because then whatever time, money, energy, and sacrifices we put into acquiring those things that don’t even work, you know, that’s all magnified because we realize, Oh my gosh, all of that was spent and I still I’m not getting what it is I want.

Laura: And especially from the entrepreneurial angle. I think that could be particularly frustrating because you’ve spent years building something or you’ve put a lot of money into something and then you ultimately end up just as stuck as you were when you started. Yeah, that’s really challenging.


Laura: I’d love to dig into that deeper now because I know that there are tons of hungry entrepreneurs feeling this. So is this where the impact system typically comes in?

JB: Yeah, So impact is I-M-P-A-C-T. And it’s an eight-week system that I bring people through. So it’s like, well, impacts just six letters. True, but we’ll put an exclamation mark at the end that will bring it to seven. And then the 8th one is like a bit of magic. So we’ll just put a wizard symbol there. So IMPACT, exclamation point, wizard symbol. There we go now, eight weeks.

I stands for In alignment. So this is such a beautiful moment. What I love about this is we take a look at Who are you? Who is Laura now? Not the role that she plays. Not the things that she wants. Not what other people are saying she is. Who are you for real? And so the beautiful things to this is we can really only begin to answer this question if we are in a safe zone, a safe place. So where there’s no judgment.

And one of the cool things with me, and I realized it was a good thing, is I just don’t care. Like, whatever issues you have or have ever been through. And I’ve worked with some really, really, really horrendous situations and then not so horrendous. So to me, it’s a matter of what are we gonna learn from it and then move forward.

So in order to answer that question appropriately, we’ve got to take back all of the layers. No judgment whatsoever. If there was no hell, if the different devil wasn’t gonna zap you, if lightning wasn’t gonna come, if your mother wasn’t gonna do this, if there were no consequences — who are you? What’s going on?

So, answering that question is key to really getting to the core.

We then move into M for Mark. What’s gigantic here is a lot of people are making a mark or a goal when they’re not in a state of alignment. So what happens is hey, I want to make X amount of dollars. Hey, I’d like to be here in five years. Hey, I’d like to blank, blank, blank. And they’re making that proclamation, goal, mark when they’re not in the state of alignment. This cannot work.

So what happens is if they hit the goal because they were consistent or they persevered or they pushed through, they’re either bloodied, crying, horrible, or barely breathing because they barely made it. Or if they’re that plus they made it, they may feel not as fulfilled as they thought they would be. That could be sad.

So what we take a look at is what’s the alignment? And then from that place, what is the mark? And so we could be sure that we get there, we’re going to feel what we want to feel and have what we want to have with as little amount of effort as possible.

The P is patterns. You take a look at what subconscious belief, thoughts, mindsets, habits, ideas do you have that are getting you your current results. In order to get different results, we’ve got to have a different algorithm. We’re gonna have to have a differenct subconscious message happen, right?

So this messaging is like residual income in that while you’re not working, the money’s still coming in. Well, we want to program the mind so that while you’re sleeping or while you’re doing anything, the programming is one that’s going to get you towards your mark, which is in alignment with who you are. Otherwise, we’ve got subconscious programming. It’s sabotaging our mark and our alignment. We’ve got to address that here at the peak.

The next thing is A, and it’s a toughie. It stands for Adversity, it also stands for Adjustment, and it also stands for Attachment because that’s all that’s happening here.

So everything that is no longer in alignment with you and who you are, it begins to fall away. And that falling away is scary because it could mean a relationship, it could mean money, it could mean where you live physically, it could be all kinds of different things.

Adversity has to happen. The cool thing is that when you’re doing it with another person, you’re not alone. But I think the best part of it is that when you come to adversity at this point, you are almost strong enough for it, ready for it, or excited for it. You’ve got to continue to flex what I call the bravery muscle. So you’re ready for it at this point, just keep pushing forward.

The hardest part is right before alignment. Once you jump into the wave, your job is to keep riding it. So you’ve got to go left and right, but keep riding the wave when you go through the adversity part.

So when you’re in that alignment and you’ve got your mark and excrete your patterns away and then adversity hits, now you know this is a walk it off moment. Lean forward and you’ll ride right through that wave.

Now, remember, there are a few different types of adversities. This adversity just happens to be in the middle. In I M. P. So it’s different. It’s a soul expansion thing.

The C is is combination and competitions. What happens here is we take a look at What’s your alignment? Who are you? What’s your mark? Where you going? And then we’re gonna take a look at What’s happening in the world? What’s trending? What’s working? What are human beings responding to right now?

We take a look at what’s happening so that you don’t do exactly that because what do we need you there for if it’s already happening? Like, you just want to copy what they’re doing? So what’s happening? Let’s people are responding to getting help. They want to save time as opposed to taking five years or something like that. They’ll get there, but they want to get there, you know, not five years from now.

So that’s, let’s say, trending. That’s working. But what’s who are you? How can you bring you to the table in a unique way? What’s unique to you in your alignment? What is your mark? Who is this person that you are? What’s trending and working in the marketplace? And then we put it together in a way that as you do it, you feel fulfilled. You feel good. It’s authentic to you.

Once all of that happens, you’re selling is gonna be easier, your response is going to be easier, everything is gonna have a flow to it. You’re gonna know how to market in a way that’s more effective and efficient. It’s just all gonna get clear for you. So that happens in C.

The T is technique. What happens here in T’s is that’s like 8% of the entire picture, like it’s really not super important until this moment. So this moment is how can we express that truth? How can we express your unique combination? Your In alignment? Your Mark? Your Pattern? All of this, how can we express that as who you are?

And that could be through speaking, it could be through posting on social media, it could be through whatever phone calls you’re doing, interviews you’re doing, the book you might want to write. How do we express it in a way that’s persuasive and in a way that’s effective? So this is a key component.

And the exclamation part, which is the seventh week, is scaling that. There’s a concept that I created called extreme balance. We all went balance. Well, balance is inherently a state of non-movement, like you’re not moving. So if you’re standing, you’re in balance. And in order to walk, your brain throws your body into a state of not equilibrium — of imbalance. It causes you to tilt slightly forward. Once you tilt forward the body responds and says, Hey, leg, get there before my face hits the ground.

So that’s what’s happening with walking, you’re in a constant state of imbalance. That’s what’s happening And as we see, that’s what gives us movement. So we want movement. That’s where the extreme balance comes in. So we want in the seventh week and we want to scale, but we also want to maintain our balance. We don’t want to be off-kilter.

So that’s what happens: How do we take everything we learned in all of those principles multiply it so that we can have the growth we want while maintaining our state of fulfillment and alignment?

And the eighth week is the whole shebang. It all comes together. The impact of you that’s happening in the eighth week because we want to make sure you’re good to go. You’re scaled. Everything’s in order. What’s happening now? This is your complete, first baby. Not nine months. — just eight weeks. That’s the impact system.


Laura: Self sabotage is so huge. We are the thing that keeps ourselves back the most, and a lot of times that’s because of habits, sabotage, and just staying in the same pattern of what we’ve always done because it’s safe. And that’s what we know. But yet we’re expecting something completely different on the other side.

JB: There it is. And the crazy thing is, the mind is there to keep you safe. That’s what it’s here to do. So logic. What makes sense? What’s reasonable? All this stuff is here to keep you safe. We take a look at what doesn’t work and we don’t want to do it again. So the crazy thing is, your dreams, your hopes, your goals, your wishes, your ideas are on the other side of reason. They are not in the logical space. They’re on the other side of safety. So in order to get to your dreams, you’ve got to let go of the safety.

Laura: Yes. To get to your dreams, you have to let go of the safety. I want you guys to write that down. I want you to repeat it. I want you to stick it on your rearview mirror. Wherever you’ve got to put it. Write that down immediately.

JB: Right. So when the mind is saying Hey, no don’t do that, that’s crazy, that doesn’t make sense, I feel a bit nervous about that, you know? We start to listen to the mind and then the mind begins to generate feelings. So all of a sudden we’re listening to our feelings or gut based on something the mind is telling us in order to keep us safe. The entire thing is complete sabotage of everything and anything you ever want.

Laura: Yeah, So I have to ask you, what do you recommend people do when they’re having that mind-gut-feeling challenges within themselves?

JB: We’ve got to simply go back to what decision you want to make is in alignment with who you are. That’s it. Now the tricky thing, too, is you’ve got to be present with this because we can sometimes rely on a decision we made and quote-unquote stick to it when something has changed.

So the eye of the storm moves. It doesn’t stay and everything spins around it. It moves. So in order for you to stay in alignment, you’ve got to move with that eye of the storm. So that’s a challenging thing. But that’s what has to happen.

So the way to be aware of that is to pay attention to the decision. Tap back into that atomic core that we discovered, and then we’ll know again, are we still in alignment? Does this decision make sense with where we’re going to line up with the mark that we outlined?

So there’s a way to constantly check back in. We have to come back to the decision and then go back previously to the atomic core.

What Does Gutsy Mean to You?

JB: Gutsy means trust. Trusting ourselves. You’ve got the answers, period. Take action. You know the answers. Knowledge is not power. Action is. So know yourself. Trust yourself. Listen to that gut. And take action.

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