Ep. 36: Manifest Like a Boss Babe with Paige Cole

You guys know that I’m a sucker for all things energy. I mean, if you were talking about feelings or seeking things into life or owning your true self I am ALL IN 110%. Which is why I’m so excited because we’re talking about Manifesting Like a Boss Babe with Paige Cole, who’s just a superstar. I can’t wait for you guys to hear her story.

Paige Cole is a master mindset coach, a business strategist, author, seeker, and dancer. Paige coaches dancers on how to maximize their hustle inside and outside of the club — and I can’t wait to learn all about this.


Q: So, I want to hear all about your career because I’m sure there are lots of inquiring minds. Tell me a little bit about your journey as a dancer. What led you to that? Give me the background.

A: There’s a lot that goes into this. As far as dancing goes, I started dancing when I was 19-years-old. Before that, I was actually working as a server at Olive Garden. I was really frustrated. I didn’t like it. But even further back before that, when I was 16-years-old, I lived with my aunt and she started a network marketing company. It was the first time in my life I had ever seen something outside of corporate America and it was like, you’re your own boss — there’s no limit on how much money you can make.

So, I was introduced into the entrepreneurial world and I found it so fascinating. I also became fascinated with the law of attraction and manifestation because she also showed me the movie The Secret. And so when I was 18-years-old, I actually signed up for a network marketing company myself. But that wasn’t really panning out so much.

I’ve always been interested in dancing. I know it kind of sounds weird, but in all honesty, ever since I was a little girl I was like fascinated by dancing and stripping. It was like, wow, like these girls are so pretty, they make so much money, they’re just dancing.

And so I got fed up working at the restaurant and I was like, fuck it — I got to try, you know? So I went and I did amateur night and I won the contest. They paid for my license, I got hired at the club, and I started working there. That was when I was 19.

I’m 30-years-old now, so I’ve been a dancer for 11 years. I started dancing in Washington State and then I moved down to San Diego. I’ve danced at my club in San Diego for pretty much the majority of my career dancing. But alongside dancing, I am an entrepreneur and I started many other businesses.

I opened a bikini coffee stand when I was 20-years-old with a business partner. I opened a fitness studio. I dabbled in real estate. Dabbled in insurance. Um, so, I always did a lot of stuff on the side in addition to dancing. Which kind of led me to where I am today, which is a mindset and manifestation coach and dancer.


Q: Anytime you do something that’s kind of what the rest of the world would consider like, Oh, I could never do that or I don’t understand it, there are sure to be obstacles. What obstacles did you face as you started to really own that part of you?

A: Yeah, so I love this question. It’s a really great question. So, I’ve danced for 11 years and I’ve done the other things outside of it like I was just mentioning, but I didn’t outwardly own the fact that I was a dancer until a few months ago. This May is when I just decided to be raw and authentic and transparent about the situation. Because with the industry of dancing, there’s a lot of judgment and stigma and just things that people think dancers are.

Like, we’re badass bitches and people think that dancers are all, you know, drunks and alcoholics and drug addicts or whores or stupid. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

And so, my whole career of dancing, I was never ashamed of it or anything. My friends and my family (people who knew me) knew, I didn’t hide it from those people. But outwardly, like in the other professions and other things, on social media and stuff, I never posted about it until recently.

I started working with a coach myself because as coaches, we know the volume of having a coach. She knew I was a dancer and was like Paige, you have to just own it. Because by me not owning it, I was energetically telling the universe that I believe if people knew I was a dancer, they wouldn’t hire me as a coach or they wouldn’t buy my programs or anything. Which in all honesty, that’s not the truth at all.

And so by me choosing to own it and choosing to step into my truth, it allows other people to do the same thing. Because even if you’re not a stripper or a dancer, every single person in the world has things about themselves that is the truth that they don’t want other people to know about; for fear of judgment, for fear of being rejected, or for fear of being looked down on. And so for me, stepping into my truth and just owning it and really embodying it really allows for other people to do the same thing.


Q: I loved that there was this whole shift within you. Honestly, I would have thought from day one you would have been like completely super transparent about it! So tell me about that transition and shift?

A: Yeah. So, my family and friends knew, the majority of my family knew, but the one person in my family that did not know was my dad. And he’s like my biggest supporter. Before I like came out about being a dancer, he read every email I sent and listened to every podcast and was a big cheerleader. And so out of respect for him, I needed to have that conversation with him before going public with it and having him find out in that way.

So for me, honestly, telling my dad and having that conversation with him was more difficult than just outwardly telling it because I don’t care what other people think. It doesn’t change anything about me. But my dad is my dad, you know?

So step one, got to have that conversation. I had the conversation, it kind of went how I was expecting it to. Things have sorted out, a little bit of argument, a few questions — like a typical conversation you would expect for a daughter and a father to have around dancing.

But anyway, it’s sorted out now. He understands. He doesn’t agree with it, but that’s okay. He doesn’t have to agree with it. But I’m so grateful that I am honest and transparent with him cause I didn’t like lying. I didn’t like avoiding the truth with him. And so I felt really proud of myself for choosing to have the courage to have that hard conversation with my dad and then stepping into my light and owning it.


Q: I think one of the largest obstacles people face is actually owning their truths and then stepping into it unapologetically. So what did that feel like when you just started publicly owning that?

A: Yeah. So, I made a post. It’s actually on my Instagram. It’s a picture of me in Cabo and I’m laying on this infinity pool and I’m naked. Like, it’s a classy photo; you can’t see my bare booty. But anyway, I post this fire photo and this caption basically owning it like, Hey, I’ve hidden something for 11 years. I’m a dancer. These are the judgments. But guess what? These are the benefits. And this is what I’ve learned in this and how empowering it is. This is what it is.

I made this long post and I posted it and I was really proud of myself for doing it. And the feedback that I got was overflowing, love, support, encouragement, cheerleaders — like some people in my life I thought would totally be judgmental of me or look down or whatever are literally the people who respond to every story like, yeah, this is awesome.


Q: You’re talking to women about manifesting like a boss. So, what is manifestation to you?

A: Manifestation is the outward reality of choosing to do the interpersonal work within yourself. Manifestation is everything in your life. You are manifesting whether you’re conscious or not conscious about it. And so when you start to learn about manifestation, you can take ownership in your life and what you call into your life because you are in fact a co-creator of your life.

You create your life with the universe and there are ways to bring in what you want. And there are ways to create and manifest like huge things into your life once you’re aware of it.

Q: I know this concept of manifestation is sometimes a false word, people kind of roll their eyes at it OR they’re all in — like me. So what are some of the first things you work on with women to integrate this as part of their growth process? Where do you even begin with manifestation?

A: With manifestation, there’s basically a six-step process to manifestation. If you’re brand new or like, I don’t know what this is, manifestation is also the law of attraction. I know people talk about the law of attraction, it’s like one in the same thing. And so if you’re brand new to manifestation, I would recommend this.


#1: Get really clear on what it is you want.

The universe loves specificity and it loves details and clarity and all that stuff. So the more specific you are on what you want to call into your life — the better.

For example, if you’re like, I want more money, then you go outside and pick up a penny — the universe is like, oh, your wish is my command. And it’s like, nah, I want a $10,000. You know?

So you have to get super specific on what you want.


#2: Believe with everything in your soul that you can have it.

In addition to the law of attraction, there are 11 other immutable laws of the universe (12 in total). I love coaching about them and teaching about them because life is a game. And the rules of the game are the 12 laws of the universe. And so one law that relates to this is called the law of correspondence. And that States that your outer reality as a direct reflection of your inner reality.

What this means is if you don’t believe you can truly, genuinely have what it is you are wanting — it’s never going to come into your life. You can have the best strategy, the best business plan, the best action, the prettiest sparkliest notebook you’re journaling in, but if you don’t believe you can have it — it’s not going to happen.


#3: Eliminate why it won’t work.

If you’ve never had something before, what you have now is no future indicator of what you can create. And so you need to just eliminate reasons why it’s not going to work. You need to stop telling yourself bullshit stories.

step four

#4: Believe the new truth about why it is going to work.

You need to believe and see with everything in your heart and soul that you are worthy of having what it is that you want. And you need to embody that person.

step five

#5: Detach from the outcome.

Here’s the thing, you have to both ask and take action. But then you have to detach from the outcome. Because our job in manifestation is asking and taking action (that’s the co-creator part). The universes’ part is the how and the when.

And so, we can’t ever choose when things are going to happen or how things are going to happen. But by detaching from the outcome and being grateful with where you are at in your life right now is how you call things into your life in the quickest way.

Step six

#6: Be open to receiving.

How you get yourself into a state of receiving is by giving gratitude for every single thing you have in your life.


Q: That all kind of goes into discovering the root issue of what’s been holding you back. So what is a good process for discovering our roots and then owning those root issues?

A: I love that you are bringing up the root cause because it’s super important.

I’m an NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) practitioner also, which within that is how I work with my clients. My one-on-one clients within my courses and programs, I incorporate a lot of NLP. Tony Robbins is a huge NLP guy, but so an NLP, you want to get to the root of the problem, right? You don’t want to just put a bandaid over it because that’s not going to heal something.

When we are born, from birth to age seven, we’re like a walking subconscious mind and we take everything we see, hear, and experience to be the truth. And so, whoever raised you, whoever you were around — whether it be your parents, siblings, aunt and uncle, grandparents — you are watching them. You pick up their behaviors and their beliefs to be the truth and what people tell you about yourself when you’re that young, you believe it to be the truth.

This is where limiting beliefs can be imposed. Not that your parents or people who raise you want to limit you, they’re doing the best with what they have, right? But their limiting beliefs will then be impressed upon you because you don’t know better. So then your subconscious mind takes it on to be the truth. And this is just what you believe about yourself as a child.

Then you grow up not knowing any different. You just think that’s how it is. But when you figure out and like normalize the fact that wow, that’s not even my belief, I don’t have to accept that belief because the belief is a thought we think over and over again with enough conviction and an emotion we believe to be true — you can let go of beliefs that don’t serve you and instill new positive, affirming beliefs to move you forward towards what it is you want.


Q: I just love how you have taken so many different aspects of energy and business and dancing and have combined them into this online mecca. Talk to me a little bit about how you’re working with your dancers. You’re talking about helping them to maximize their muscle inside and outside of the club. How does that translate with them and also with your business coaching clients as well?

A: The arena of dancing is a beast within itself. And in order to be successful, you need to heal your money mindset and understand the spiritual and scientific principles of manifesting money; which comes down to healing yourself internally.

And so you want to step into the club, you want to have confidence, you want to believe in yourself, you also want to know there’s an endgame because you can make a ton of money dancing in a very short amount of time, but you want to use it as a launchpad for future success.

So I work with people on their money mindset, their confidence, and their limiting beliefs. But then I’m also a business coach and a business strategist, where I coach them on making more money in the club, as well as on setting up their online business so they can create additional streams of income to replace their dancing income if they want to exit dancing (because there is a shelf life on dancing).


Q: Talk to me about healing your money mindset because I think that there’s so much that goes into that. I’d love your perspective on it.

A: This actually kind of coincides with what we were talking about earlier from when you pick up your own beliefs about yourself. So you create money stories. When you’re younger and see these people who are raising you, you’re picking up these beliefs, you’re also seeing how they operate around money. Like, what did your parents talk about? Where did they argue when the bills came? Was there never enough money? What was their relationship like with money?

Money is energy and just like relationships in your life, you also have a relationship with money. And so when you can kind of realize you have a relationship with money and a certain money story of where all these beliefs came from, that’s when transformation can begin. Because when you realize like, oh wow, I don’t have to believe this about money cause that’s what my parents went through. I can choose a new belief —that is step one.

Then step two is like, wow, money is my best friend and I’m gonna treat it as such. And then you start to heal that relationship with money, normalize the conversation, and then attract wealth and abundance into your life.


Q: So tell me a little bit about how you’re working with people that are going from being maybe being shy or timid or not wanting to stand in their light to now just like killing it?

A: Confidence is actually a state; it’s an emotional state and a lot of times if you’re struggling, if my clients are struggling, with confidence I like to ask them, can you recall a time in your life where you felt completely confident?

Most times they’re like, yeah, absolutely. And I say, can you re-float back into that time and actually remember feeling those emotions?

So, since you are able to access that emotional state, you can step into confidence literally at any point in time by just making the choice to do so. A lot of times when people are saying they want to be more confident, what they’re really looking for is competence in something. Because if you need to know how to do something or figure it out or get comfortable, that is completely different than confident because you can literally just choose to be confident in anything you’re doing because it’s just a mindset shift and a reframe of how you are choosing to emotionally operate.


Q: Are there any other tips or tricks you would love to share with our audience about manifesting, ownership, or just standing in your light or your truth?

A: Hmm. I think what I would just like to end a note on is if you want to accomplish something or move forward in your life or you’re not where it is you want to be, know you are absolutely worthy as is right now. You are divinely perfect and whatever it is that you want, whatever you desire in your heart, desire — that word means of the father.

And so whatever your belief is — God, universe, angel, kingdom, higher power, whatever it is — your desires are given to you from that higher power. You are never given a desire without also given the intrinsic resources and capability of achieving it. If you are wanting to accomplish something or you’re wanting to go after something, know you want that for a reason and know you are absolutely worthy of accomplishing it. You have everything within you to do it right now as you are, no waiting. You can do it right now today.

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