209: Disrupt The Thoughts That Are Draining Your Confidence with Chardét Ryel

Your thoughts have the ability to change your life or keep you stuck in the same cycle – the cycle that drains your confidence stops you from fully living your life, and convinces you to keep doing the things you know you’re ready to break free from.

Today, you’ll learn simple ways to disrupt your thoughts and habits from Behavior Change specialist Chardét Ryel.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • From burnout to leaving without a plan to entrepreneurship
  • Having a regular mental decluttering technique
  • The importance of finding what techniques are right for you
  • Why people don’t allow new habits or techniques to stick
  • Hustle, rest, and reflection
  • How to disrupt the thoughts that stop you
  • Replacing a habit for a habit and getting curious
  • Reducing, preventing, and shifting thoughts of self-doubt


Chardét is also a visibility mentor and podcast host of Feel Good Nakd. For 11 years, she’s worked to transform how we talk to ourselves & treat our bodies through behavior change psychology. Her mission is to break the barriers holding women back from feeling powerful in their lives, minds, and bodies.



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“You resist it and you feel this resistance, but you don’t know how to let it go. And it usually takes a really big trigger moment or you have to be super self-aware and take yourself on that journey. I think that’s where I like to bring people now because I don’t think it should take having a breakdown to get you to do what you love.”

“So, it’s these kinds of techniques, the maintenance stuff, the unsexy stuff that is gonna make the most difference for everyone.”

“You learn to walk, you keep falling, you don’t get to just stand up from crawling.”

“if you stay open and curious about what’s happening, your mind can open up and notice things that judgment would hide.”



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