201: Honor Yourself, Even If It Rocks The Boat with Claire Uncapher

We’re trained to do what we’re told, live like we should, and suppress desires and emotions – mostly to make the people in our world more comfortable. After years if not decades of living like this, it’s likely shown up in your body as stress, anxiety, depression, weight gain, or more.

Today, we’re talking to Claire Uncapher about honoring yourself and really hearing and acting on the answer your soul knows to be true. Here’s the tough love moment… You’re not going to like the answer and it’s not always going to be convenient – but it’s the key to the changes that you’re hungry for.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The 5 hurdles people struggle with
  • Don’t make it mean anything about you that it doesn’t
  • Sometimes you have to let shit fall apart
  • The difference between feeling and wallowing
  • How the emotions we push down manifest in our bodies
  • The 4 steps to accepting, and embracing yourself without guilt
  • The unspoken agreement in our society to not rock the boat
  • Acts of self-betrayal and choosing yourself instead

Claire is a dynamic and empowering speaker and coach who brings a unique blend of expertise with her background in clinical nursing, energy therapy, and life and transformational coaching. She is dedicated to helping individuals break free from past traumas, self-limiting beliefs, and long-standing issues with her holistic approach to depression and anxiety.



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“We are conditioned to think feel, act, and make choices that don’t disappoint others […] And the cost of that is unhappiness, we find ourselves some of us in lives where we’ve committed just severe acts of self-betrayal.”

“Stop telling yourself the stories that are lies. It’s completely normal to feel like a failure when the things you’re trying aren’t working out. But that doesn’t mean you have to make the jump to ‘I am a failure’.”

“Sometimes you have to let shit fall apart so that something more beautiful can come together.”

“Once you accept yourself, it doesn’t matter who the fuck doesn’t like you.”

“It’s okay for you to feel the way you want to feel. We’re just never given that message.”



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