199: Getting Rid of Working Mom Guilt with Olena Mytruk

You’re a high-achieving working mom. You LOVE to work – it fuels your mind and stretches your mind AND you love being a great mom. You want to strive for more but as a result struggle with shame a guilt around how much time you’re spending working vs. being with your kids and often question if you’re doing a good enough job raising humans.

Today, we’re talking to personal growth educator, Olena Mytruk, about getting rid of working mom guilt in three simple steps – backed with lots of reframing and new perspectives on balance.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The mindset shift we need to be the best parents we can be
  • Breaking with how other generations parented
  • How to find the clarity you need to move forward
  • The power of slowing down when you need to
  • Taking care of yourself is your duty as a parent
  • Thinking about work-life harmony instead of balance
  • Practical questions to bring you back into yourself
  • 3 Step process to help get rid of mom guilt and shame


Olena Mytruk is a personal growth educator for multifaceted women, founder of a personal development company, Breverie, and host of The Breverie Handbook Podcast. Olena works with high-achieving, deeply responsible working women—women who wear many different hats, who strive for more, and who struggle with shame and guilt because they feel that by dedicating their time to careers or spending time on themselves, they sacrifice their most important mission in life: being a mother.



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“It took me 9 months of struggles and really thinking through it and battling myself. Until one day I realized that my daughter doesn’t just need a family, she needs a good family, she needs a happy family. And most importantly, she needs a happy mom. And if her mom is not happy, then I’m not doing her any good by keeping that marriage.”

“I think the best we can do, as parents and as human beings, honestly, is live our best life.”

“This is, I think, what our life is really all about, it’s about dialing up dialing down when you need to, and giving yourself permission to do it.”

“To be better parents, for our kids, we have to make sure that our container is full. It’s our duty, it’s our responsibility. Really, it’s not about us being selfish, it’s about us being able to support our children.”

“Once you are present in every part of your life, then you gain this positive energy of sense of accomplishment, of fulfillment, and you carry that energy to the other parts of your life.”

“Everything is a muscle. We have to train our physical muscles, we have to train our mental muscles the same way.”



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