197: Nixing Good Girl Conditioning with Carley Weissert

Have you lived most of your life taking care of and pleasing everyone around you, checking boxes to get things done, and avoiding decisions that might disrupt the things and people around you? If so, you may be in the good girl boat with the rest of us.

Today, we’re chatting with Carley Weissert about nixing the good girl conditioning by learning how to hear and trust yourself while reframing what it means to be “good” in the first place.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Carley started to shed her good girl conditioning
  • Unlearning that “you need to be good to be loved”
  • Embracing and loving all parts of yourself
  • The importance of sharing your wins
  • Trusting yourself and that others can care for themselves
  • Breaking with good girl conditioning doesn’t make you bad
  • How perfectionism and people pleasing show up
  • Tuning in to yourself and listening to your inner voice


Carley is a women’s life coach specializing in breaking patterns around people-pleasing, perfectionism, and good-girl conditioning! She works 1:1 with clients using everything from inner child and shadow work to meditation and somatic emotional release. With different tools (and lots of questions!), she helps clients tune in to what’s blocking them from having what they want.



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LauraAura: “To be good meant to be loved. So, as long as I do everything right. I check the boxes. I show up. I have the picture perfect everything. I go down the path that society wants me to go down. Then, I will be loved.”

“It’s cultivating it within yourself that I am lovable, I am worthy. Just because I am. Because I exist, I am worthy of love.”

“Something that really helped me was really trusting that other people can take care of themselves, that we are all sovereign beings. And it is not my job to rescue other people from their own feelings, their own experiences.”

“Not being a good girl just means being you, authentically, fully you and it’s not about being bad.”

“You can’t ask for what you want, if you don’t even fucking know what you want.”



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