Fix, Close, or Sell Your Business

196: Fix, Close, or Sell Your Business with Emily McIntyre

If you’re in a sticky position or at a crossroads in your business where you’re wondering what to do next, this episode is for you.

Today, we’re chatting with Emily McIntyre about simplifying the decision and steps around fixing, closing, or selling your business. If you’re in this position – take a deep breath and know that you’re in good company that has supportive solutions to help you move forward.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Emily’s big business failure and the Fix, Close, Sell system
  • Mindset is everything when things are hard
  • Things get to be easier, let it be simple
  • The simple Fix, Close, Sell decision-making metrics
  • A few different ways to fix your business
  • You’re the only one who can decide what to do with your business
  • Closing your business: with debt and without debt
  • What you need to know about selling your business


Emily McIntyre is a life alchemist and serial coffee CEO based in Kansas City. She helps struggling entrepreneurs reach clarity on her podcast, Fix, Close, Sell, and spends a lot of time on coffee farms in Ethiopia and Peru!



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“No one else can understand just how shitty it is to be the only person who understands how bad it is. And you have to give the answers to everyone around them.”

“If we don’t let go of what we’re holding in our hands, how will we ever reach for what’s next?”

“But what do I really want? And this is something that I do think is a better question: ‘How do I want to feel in my next stage?’”

“You are the only person who can do that (decide) for yourself as a business owner. Period. Don’t hand over your power, own it. (…) Don’t let yourself get pushed around as a business owner in distress.”

“I would suggest that women are way too fucking quick to take moral obligation when it’s just a business transaction, and that’s all (debt) is.”



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