192: Energetic Chaos to Powerful Calmness with Mell B

Sometimes it can feel like everything is a whirlwind and your energy is spread in a thousand different directions, making it difficult to know where to focus your time or what step to take next. Your sensitivities can be your superpower and when you harness your innate abilities, you can turn energetic chaos into confident, powerful calmness.

Today, we’re chatting with award-winning quantum healing thought leader Mell B about mastering your belief system to invite energetic calmness into your world.

Trigger Warning – in this episode we discuss sensitive content regarding sexual abuse. Please use your discretion.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Mastering your BS
  • Navigate confrontations with self-awareness and less suffering
  • Being empathetic versus being empathic
  • Managing energetic chaos and shielding your energy
  • Uncovering your blind spots and working through them
  • Inner child work and what your soul is here to do
  • The generation that transmutes pain into power and energetic chaos into calmness
  • The Ego in action: the Gremlins of your subconscious


Mell B is dedicated, to exploring why some empaths Soar and why others find themselves Shipwrecked. She’s the award-winning, thought leader of her quantum healing field. Sharing her evolutionary tools of neuro-knowledge has her featured in Yahoo and Thrive Global. I suggest you grab a notepad and get ready for some mind-altering insights as she shares the keys and her treasure map to success.



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“The work doesn’t have to be scary, which is what most people think when we talk about managing our belief systems or our subconscious.”

“The way we showed up authentically as a child without due influence from our role models around us, I think that’s a good indicator of what maybe we are here as a soul contribution, but that can shift.”

“Even life’s challenges can shape you if you allow it to be one of your greatest powers and how you make the most incredible impact in this world.”

“We are the ones who are going to make the changes in this lifetime. I’m glad to be part of that generation.”



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