191: Pleasure, Orgasms, and Fulfilled Success with Ava Pikul

We’re starting off the year with a bang, literally. Pleasure is such a fundamental human need but it often gets overlooked, pushed to the side, or life challenges or traumas have caused a block from giving and receiving true pleasure.

Today, we’re chatting with Sexologist Ava Pikul about the impact of pleasure and how orgasms and true personal pleasure can lead to your most fulfilled success in life and business.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Lack of self-trust and the power of pleasure in healing
  • Your subconscious beliefs and how to increase your level of fulfillment
  • Learning and exploring your body along with doing the inner work
  • The healing process and weaving in Authentic Tantra
  • Different types of orgasms and experiencing your full pleasure potential
  • “Sex magic” manifestation and what to do instead for success


Ava is a Holistic Sex Expert specializing in Authentic Tantra® and Transformational Therapy. She revolutionizes your sex life so you can ditch the fear, break through barriers, and live within your authentic pleasure! Her clients not only leave with better orgasms, but a completely transformed quality of life.



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“We don’t need to get to a certain point in our “healing process” to have fulfillment, joy, success, all of the things that we desire.”

“Your subconscious mind creates over 95% of your reality. So, we can’t even talk about bringing more pleasure and sex and fulfillment into our lives without addressing that first.”

“Women can experience over 15 different forms of orgasm. And what we’re normally experiencing is one of those, which is normally a clitoral orgasm, right? It’s easier to locate. It’s a more surface-level type of orgasmic experience.”

“The G spot stores a lot of trauma. So, for a lot of women, when they start moving into working with this area of their body, they can start to have anger come up… So, it’s really fascinating and interesting, the types of memories, emotions, and feelings that arise.”

“You don’t need a manifestation tool. When you are touching upon these deeper levels of your being and accepting yourself, magic is going to happen regardless.”



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