189: Plan your 2024 Marketing with Krista Ripma

A healthy business is backed by a healthy plan. As we close out the year, this is the perfect time to refocus your marketing efforts to acknowledge what’s been working, what could work with some tweaks, and what’s draining time and energy, therefore needs to go.

Today we’re talking with marketing expert Krista Ripma about planning your marketing to set you up for a successful 2024.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Where marketers went wrong and how that’s shifting
  • Get strategic with your marketing with your Big Three
  • Audit your business alongside Krista
  • How marketing is like dating
  • Shift how you look at your goals and income flows
  • Building out automated funnels for a scalable and sustainable business
  • What we can learn from Taylor Swift for a magnetic business
  • A visualization to help you start planning your 2024 marketing


Krista is a business coach, marketing expert and founder of Authentic Audience, a digital marketing agency. She has spent nearly a decade building million-plus Instagram followings with clients, tripling online awareness and engagement for brands, and coaching hundreds of business owners to find and speak their truth. Krista intimately understands the web of personal passions, online platforms, and the human networks that drive success, and is able to create stunning and compelling brands and digital launches. She is the host of the Authentic Audience Podcast and is a retreat facilitator for Women’s Business Retreats around the world.



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“Pivot is my favorite word. It is this permission to pivot every day, literally every hour, every minute. You don’t feel like it? Pivot. This is the thing about entrepreneurship, we are free! We are free to pivot.”

“I think a lot of people with their marketing strategy, they actually forget to do marketing. They take you from a cold lead straight to a sales page and that’s like asking somebody you just met to move in with you on the first date. There’s been no warm-up, there’s been no foreplay, like nothing, and you’re expecting me to buy from you?”

“That would be my advice: One, jam out to your own music, please. And Two, how can you bring more of you and breathe more of your value and unique gifts into what you’re offering and what you’re doing? That makes it like your own niche like you’re your own niche. There’s no one else.”

“It’s about giving what you get, and the more consistently you show up. It’s your choice. If you show up and host five reels a week that are heartfelt, and vulnerable and valuable, that’s what you’re gonna get back on social media.”

“Pay attention to what’s alive and what setting you alive because I see this in my clients over and over and over again, the idea that is so frickin alive in them is the one that goes viral. Every time.”



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