187: Shifting from Owner to CEO with Tiffany Hoeft

You’ve been living the entrepreneurial life – learning every aspect of growing a business, trying to figure out the balance with your life, trying to master marketing and sales, and making time to do the thing you came here to do in the first place.

There’s an important transition period in business and that’s the shift from entrepreneur and owner to CEO – and that requires a new set of skills, learning, and releasing. Today, we’re chatting with Tiffany Hoeft about making this shift and supporting your bigger vision.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of honoring your why and the season you’re in today
  • The biggest challenges creative entrepreneurs face in business
  • How operations, systems and tools can make a difference in your business
  • An exercise to help you discover what to delegate and where to start
  • The mindset shift that needs to come with bringing on a team
  • Navigating the hardest part of delegating: releasing control
  • Advice to better communicate with your team and consultants
  • Business is a lot more fun when you get to do it with other people


Tiffany is an Operations Consultant, Fractional COO, founder and owner of Fierce Decorum Business Management Agency, and mom of four. She’s spent the last 20-plus years working behind the scenes in businesses as a trusted leopard-loving sidekick by helping high-level creative entrepreneurs identify, strategize, and implement a solid business blueprint to focus on their zone of genius while their business runs in the background.



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“Instead of me just saying, ‘Hey, let’s change all this stuff tomorrow.’ I know, my clients are not going to do that. So, it’s about making small incremental changes.”

“At the end of the day, if you’re not gonna make money at your business, go get a job. Because it’s not going to be worth it, you’re gonna get burnt out.”

“Getting to know what you what you really truly want out of your business. So, what is that big that vision, not just the why that you’re doing it? But that big vision of where you see yourself in five to 10 years?”

“I find that as an excuse. ‘Well, I can’t afford that.’ No, you’re just deciding that you can’t afford that, you actually can. There’s a lot of people, you can go on Fiverr and find people for $20 an hour. Like, it can be done. It’s just people don’t want to take the time to do it. So, I call BS on that excuse.”

“I think we underestimate how much fun business can be when you have other people coming alongside you who see the business, who value the business, who want to be a part of what you’re growing and what you’re building, and are part of the mission behind it.”



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