185: Create Your Own Freedom with Jen Szpigiel

What if I told you that you can create a life and business that truly is as fulfilling as you imagined it to be? That you can be a great mom, partner, AND career-focused woman, curate your days, and experience freedom in your time, finances, and energy…

Not only is it possible, there’s even more greatness than you can imagine. Today, we’re talking with Jen from Becoming Iconic about creating your own freedom and becoming your own version of iconic.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Jen’s hard-earned lessons from navigating life, family, and business
  • The importance of trust and letting go of your death grip on your business
  • Treat your business like your greatest love affair
  • Flip the switch on comparison
  • If it’s not enough for you now, it certainly won’t be enough at 7-figures either
  • Becoming Iconic and the freedoms Jen’s created
  • How you can create your own version of freedom
  • Your core pillars are the key to a sustainable successful business


Have you ever felt the presence of a woman who is so deeply connected to her own essence that it helped you realize what was possible? Jennifer is that woman and she’s sharing that power with leaders who know in their hearts that they’re meant for more. She is the Founder and CEO of Becoming Iconic Inc., where she uses her expertise as a Leadership Expert and Mentor to help online entrepreneurs grow profitable and aligned businesses that are rooted in integrity and purpose.



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“What I realized was, I am in way more control over my circumstances than I give myself credit for.”

“I think what we believe is that if we lean into what is right and correct for us, somehow, we’re going to hurt our business. And what I’ve learned is, every time I’ve created space and expansion in my spirit or in my body, and just trusted that… Where trust comes up, that’s been where I’ve had the most explosive momentum, evidence of growth.”

“It’s not like all of a sudden you get it and you’re like, I’ve got this I don’t have to think about it ever again. I am constantly asking myself, ‘How can I refine and be better?’ and realizing I go back into habitual behaviors, past versions of myself, and pull myself back into where I want to be.”

“I also realize that I can choose to see that [comparison] as inspiration and showing me what’s possible. Without it making something wrong with me without making something wrong with my business.”

“The cult of average would say you go get a job and you have benefits or you have retirement plans or whatever it may be. You work that job until you retire and THEN you live your best life. Entrepreneurship flips it on its head and says No, today I get to live my best life. And I’m choosing that.”



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