181: Working with the Lunar Cycle with April McMurtry

Have you ever felt off, not yourself, or maybe even got a burst of creativity or ideas out of nowhere, only to look up and see that it’s a full moon? 

The lunar phases affect us in different ways during different parts of the cycle and when we lean into what they are and what it’s calling of us, the moon can be a powerful tool for peace, creation, and success. 

Today, we’re talking with April McMurtry about working with the different phases of the lunar cycle. So, whether you’re brand new to this or you’re seasoned, there’s lots of great information in here to start embracing the lunar cycle in your life and in your business.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The Lunar Cycle and the 28-day-cycle myth
  • The phases of the Moon and our relationship with them
  • Concrete and specific practices for the different lunar phases
  • Moon water and its benefits
  • Why does the Moon impact us so much?
  • Lunar tracking and personal growth: how to get started
  • Embracing the lunar cycle in life and business for growth and success
  • Embodying your Venus sign for aligned success


April McMurtry is an internationally known Lunar facilitator and course creator. She has helped over 5,000 people connect with the Lunar cycle to energetically align their mind, body, and spirit during times of transition and self-discovery. She is the host of Between the Moon Podcast and founder of THE MOON IS MY CALENDAR, where she offers students a variety of resources and courses including her signature, self-published annual New Moon Calendar Journal.



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Tune into the episode from The Emerald Podcast that April mentioned: Your Consciousness Comes From the Moon to learn more about why the Moon affects us.

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“[The lunar cycle is] about a month. Some cycles are 29 days, some are 30 days. There’s 12 cycles in a year, except every about three years there’s 13. So, there’s almost something that is asking us, like we were talking about, that deprogramming and relearning this way to be in relationship with time that is not as precise as we might like it to be.”

“So, the moon gives us this framework to work within. So that the first quarter is like making a choice to say yes to this particular project, or this intention, whatever it might be. Then coming up to the full moon, it can be really [about] what’s being illuminated? What is the moon shedding light onto? What can I see more clearly now that in the Dark of the Moon maybe I couldn’t see?”

“I really want to draw this correlation between when we lose track of the moon, we’re also losing track of ourselves. So, if we can keep track of the moon and pace with the moon, we can do that with ourselves.”

“Having that new moon where you can’t see. It’s not a visible thing. The full moon is the visible part, the visible connection of the sky. The New Moon brings us into a space of trust. With business too, it’s like, what if I can’t see the thing yet that I’m trying to create? How do I actually have trust? And the moon teaches another lesson of that teaching of trust. The moon just disappears for three days and then it comes back. And I can trust the things that I can’t see yet.”



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