174: Embody Your Next Level with Melissa Martin

You’re ready to be at your next level of love, success, business, or life… but the reality isn’t matching the vision. What if you began to FEEL that next level today before it showed up? TO believe it to be so true that you can actually feel the joy, excitement, or fulfillment today, in this moment?

Today, we’re talking to Melissa Martin, a Business and Embodiment Coach about embodying your next level of success through her framework for personal power.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Making bold choices that are right for you
  • Melissa’s framework for embodiment and personal P.O.W.E.R.
  • What embodiment is and looks like
  • How to get started on the work of embodiment
  • Mistakes are inevitable, give yourself grace
  • The life-changing power of the pause
  • How to figure out your own version of embodiment
  • Operate from where you want to go vs. where you’ve been
  • The difference between potential and reality


Melissa is the creator of the Boldly Courageous community & host of the Boldly Courageous Podcast. She is passionate about helping women step fully into owning their gifts and power in this world as leaders and visionaries. Her mission is to help more women realize the greatness that is within and to take action towards their big dreams despite fear. From being laid off from a very successful career in the financial service industry, to having a multiple six-figure network marketing business restructured and taken away within 60 days, navigating divorce and losing a sibling to cancer, Melissa knows what it’s like to be at rock bottom and having to start over again. She believes that when women own their authentic power and shine their light, they give other women permission to do the same.



Melissa has made her Future Self Meditation available as a gift for you! So, if you’re wondering how to tap in with that version of you, make sure to access the guided visualization here.

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“One of the biggest lessons I learned through getting laid off in the corporate world, building a network marketing, losing that business, and then being a solopreneur is the power of multiple income streams.”

“The hardest realization to come to is that, at the core of everything, we are the common denominator to setting standards and boundaries in our life.”

“When we start to do this type of work of embodiment and personal power, it’s very much the same thing, and it can feel really messy before it starts to feel more in flow.”

“You’re gonna make mistakes. It’s inevitable. But I always think of this in terms of fitness because it’s such a big part of my background. It’s not really about how many times you start over, it’s about how you start when you start over.”

“On paper, my life should look like an absolute shit show. But I feel so much happiness and joy and peace and trust that it’s working in the way that it should be because there’s oftentimes a lag between the physical manifestation and the embodiment practice.”



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