173: Showing up as your TRUE self on social with Britney Crosson

If you’re running a business and KNOWWWW that social media is a big piece of the growth puzzle but you’re fighting like hell to show up – today’s episode is for you. Today, we’re talking with Britney Crosson about finding your unique brand and method of showing up online so it feels like fun vs. another thing you HAVE to do.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Give yourself permission to try what comes to you
  • How to get started on social media
  • Dealing with other people’s thoughts and opinions
  • Choose YOUR own path and create what feels right
  • Tips for people that hate social media but “need” to do it anyway
  • The magic of batching content
  • The incredible value of social media
  • The benefits of showing up as your TRUE self


Britney is a social media thought leader, specializing in personal branding, that encourages business owners and creators to use their existing skills, talents and knowledge to create exciting content that will make a positive impact on their audiences. She is the host and executive producer of top global marketing podcast, The Social Sunshine Podcast, owner of Fun Love Media, an online marketing and media agency based in Houston, TX, and the founder of Small Biz Social Society, a membership that helps ambitious entrepreneurs stand out on social media. You may have seen her on social media dancing on her exercise equipment or hyping up her audience with a motivational business chat. With over 16 million views and counting, she’s positively impacting lives all over the world through her videos.



Curious to know what all the fuss was about in Britney’s beautiful video supporting Pride Month? You can find the post here.

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“Just because the path changes doesn’t mean that you can’t get to like a similar destination to what you had originally planned or hoped for.”

“‘How do you stay so consistent on social media?’ Well, if you’re gonna create content, you gotta incorporate something that you like. Otherwise, you’re gonna fucking quit because you’re gonna be miserable. So, lean into one of your strengths and post the fucking video!”

“It’s good for people to know that if you are going to share on social media and you’re choosing that route, it’s going to be vulnerable, it’s going to be uncomfortable. And it’s okay, because honestly, at the end of the day, we probably end up being much harder on ourselves than what other people are.”

“Lean into who you are and what matters to you. And just know that it doesn’t matter what you do it’s gonna irritate somebody. So if they’re already going to be wound up about something, let them be wound up about who you truly are.”

“You can look at social media as a vehicle that can help deliver you to your purpose, to your destiny, if you will.”



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Podcast: The Social Sunshine

Website: britneycrosson.com



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