171: Protect and Expand Your Empathic Energy with Zoe Whitehead

If you’re an empathetic soul, meaning you see and feel deeply, this episode is all yours.

Today, we’re talking with Zoe Whitehead about protecting your energy and raising your vibration as an empath, especially in challenging situations.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Having a business is a continuous journey of growth with ups and downs
  • What it means to be an empath
  • Differentiating between feelings from outside and feelings from within
  • Setting boundaries and prioritizing yourself as an empathetic person
  • Simple tools to protect your energy
  • The goddess toolkit to recharge and raise your vibration
  • Suggestions and tips for empathic business owners


Zoe is the Founder of Lunar Light Worker. She is a Light Worker, spiritual teacher and healer of light. She guides & supports Light Workers to raise their vibration and align to the cosmic, lunar & earth cycles.



Check out my Instagram live with Zoe on her channel back in September 2022.

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“I often feel as well that our greatest gifts obviously come through our greatest challenges.”

“For you to get really skilled and step fully into this potential and these empathic gifts, you really need to know and have this pristine self-awareness of what’s your stuff and what belongs to someone else.”

“I treat my energy and light as a precious commodity. I work hard to protect it and keep it as pure as possible and as raised as possible. So, I’m not going to put myself, if I can help it, in those sorts of situations that I know are going to lower it.”

“One of the biggest blocks that I see with clients is that they kind of get in their own way and they’re like, ‘Is this really working?’ Just trust in yourself or just keep using it and the more powerfully protective it will become.”

“It’s just what floats your boat, because if you feel a resonance with it, you’re going to trust it more, and the more you trust it, the more you’ll work with it, and the more powerful it will become for you. So, it is absolutely about finding your way through and finding your thing.”



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